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  • I'd be happy with one of any of the above. Epic.

    (retires from bike game immediately, as it's just not fair anymore...)

  • @veLLo I think I've asked to buy that at least once many moons ago ;)

    I still really want to get my hands on the MBK Super Record HPF model. That's really been the target but this model will have to do until then.

    @poorman I still don't have any decent photos, ones that catch the paint properly, but there's some pics here

  • Quite the quiver !! I’ve got a BNIB rs4 front hub for sale in 28h QR silver if you’re after one 👍

  • Indeed that rings a bell now!

  • J'ai hâte de voir le Mercian avec les gardes boue !

  • Anyone got a 26.2mm seatpost in London I could buy off them today?

    Helping my mate out with a seatpost that won't go down further than min insertion annoyingly. and yes I have tried 26.0mm with no success :-(

  • Rat bikes are the Best bikes

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  • This aint no rat. Except for that crooked chainlink.

  • new seatpost : )

  • Finally finished the Vitus 979 (had some headset trouble, now fixed with a heavy short-stack Tange upper, kept the Stronglight lower though). Can't seem to get the cranks to stay tight though, I adjust the BB so there's no play but in a few km they're wobbling again. Perhaps I'm not tightening the lockring hard enough, it's a Campagnolo one with the adjustable nds cup.

  • Spectacular build! Strange about that bb trouble though.. Hope you get it sorted and get to make some nice long loops around that good looking city.

  • Beautiful 979, in a rare white.

  • Thanks guys :)

    After some forum searching I think I've solved the BB problem already. Turns out the bearings in the BB were the wrong size, so I swapped in some ones from another Campag BB I had and it was really easy to adjust. The previous ones had had the spindle turning more on the cage than the bearings themselves.

  • Lovely bike.
    Sexy brakes.

  • Lobbed some surly forks and mudguards on the dad biek my rc31 forks came from for the Raleigh, up-thread. Boom - SS tourer (ish). Went ok on a test ride into town. Still undecided though. (NDS fail)

    Stacks above and below the stem are ugly though. Functional...

  • beautiful bike, is the BB italian threaded? if so, it requires about 70 nm torque to not unscrew, had the same issue earlier this year.

  • What make is the frame? I really dig the colour. Would you know if it is a RAL code?

  • It's a Dialled Bikes Love/Hate in Olive Green (bought on here years ago). Don't know the RAL code, I'm afraid.

  • Bit of blue loctite on the drive-side cup & you’re golden in my experience.

  • It is indeed, did up the drive side as tight as I could and put a small mark so I can see if it moves.

  • Ta! I'll find out

  • What's my bet option for a 16t SS freewheel for a 1/8" chain? In the sub £40 category?

    The Shimano SF-MX30 looks good quality but it appears to be 3/32" only. I know I can chuck a 1/8" chain on it (have done in the past) but is there a downside to doing that?

  • 1/8” chain on 3/32” cog is completely fine.

    Trial bike freewheels are often better-made and have much higher points of engagement and buzz, if you’re into that kind of thing:­eewheels/c16.html

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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