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  • I didn't know it was out!

    They don't make it harder than it should be

    About a dozen years ago he closed up shop.

    In the late 90s early 2000s Kellys were some of the few non-New England custom bikes you’d see at cx races in New England. I’ve had a fork and stem of his on a bike way back when, was saving up for a frame in 2003 but had to float my gf two months rent instead :(

  • Nice! but why did you get rid of the DA cranks?

    Needed shorter cranks for the 650b conversion, a 48 big ring is also a bit more user friendly around here then the 53 that was on there.

    Don’t worry I have use for the DA cranks.

  • New project day!

    The build will be for my partner, gonna include wide tyres and 1x gearing, keeping the original 7s derallieur

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  • Might want to pick up one of them NW chainrings in that case. Unless you have one there already, can’t see on phone.

  • Excuse the old Iphone shitty pic 😅

    Been looking for a NW 94 bcd 5 bilt for the STX cranks, but seems like there’s very little market, and the only ones i could find (stridsland) are out of stock, so I guess a regular one will have to do for now.
    Anyway it’s most likely to ride on tarmac and paths only, hope that isn’t much of an issue.

  • Can you find any from Wolftooth where you are?

  • Finish project for now...
    Transition rapture 1x10 rival, stridsland chainring on rockstrong, hopewheelset
    Rychtarski shimano and rotor 650b wheelset
    Decthalon rival groupe set 1x10 custom stem

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  • maybe new stem, pedals in the future

  • Can't go wrong with the murdered out look.

  • Hello fellow Massi owner!

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  • Need a longer stem and a different canti hanger for the back but this is a lot of fun. Wish I had done something about the front canti bosses before getting it powder coated though. 65mm between the posts is really limiting brake wise

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  • Nice! How do you find the tyres? I just ordered a set for general commuting / road / canal path riding, and I can't decide if I should have gone for 43s instead.

  • They seem good! Look good at least, I haven't exactly put them through their paces. I'm not quite sure what pressure I should be using either

  • Okay! Fair enough. Did you set them up tubeless?

  • Parts bin build - apart from frame/forks off here...

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  • Lovely build and bike mate, really really like it. Hope it cycles as good as it looks and enjoy :) T

  • Thanks, appreciated after seeing your ace builds.

    Rides great which is good considering these are the first pair of wheels I've ever built!

  • Very into that

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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