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  • this is fucking brilliant. Is there a rrp yet?

    (link for others interested -

  • Say what you like about me. I don't care. Your opinion of me means absolutely nothing to me.

    Anyone running 70-75 PSI in a 30mm tyre needs their head read. It's a ridiculous pressure for that tyre size.

    That said, don't let me stop you from any continued communal back slapping and CJ activities.

  • Cheers mate! £1750. We got a bit long leadtimes like the rest of the industry, but it is possible to reserve a frame from the batch that is on order. Expected delivery is September/October.

  • Anyone under 16st. running 70-75 PSI in a 30mm tyre on an unladen solo needs their head read might benefit from wiser counsel


  • Is that frame and fork?

  • Where's the PDF.

  • Made peace with my #purpleano addiction, decided to rebuild this Vitus 979 as a RGR with parts-bin bits.

    Looks dumb, but at least it’ll get ridden in this form.

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  • Trad tourer bike is getting closer. All looks a bit out of whack with the big frame, 34t cassette and 46/36 chainset but hopefully I'll appreciate it at some point.

    Any tyre recommendations, those rims are 19mm internal so I think I need something semi wide(?) and slightly capable on unfinished roads

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  • Go as wide as possible.

  • Depending on your weight.

  • It looks like you have very good clearances. Please post a picture when you've completed your build. I'd be interested in a vintage touring bike thread!

  • Building this for a friend from the frame I found abandoned last summer. It was nearly there but I changed the bars and now I need to redo the cables.

    Also dialling the cheap Clarks brakes with these giant continental tyres is a pain in itself.

    I do feel like it looks the part though.

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  • I have 32mm schwalbe marathons on kyseriums and I'm very happy, for a bit more money there's the marathon supremes also.

    Edit: the bike is a Thorn Brevet, so quite similar

  • Don’t be shy, where is this better info?

    Better than Josh Poertner and the Silca database?

  • Say what you like about me.


  • where is this better info?

    As you allude to, Silca says 5 bar is about right for a 30mm tyre if you're 16st and riding an unladen solo (110kg all up). That is also exactly what I said.
    My point was not that nobody should use that combination of pressure and width but rather that, in contradistinction to user126284's absolutism, while it is the wrong combination for some riders who nonetheless use it, it is also the right combination for some others.
    Given that Silca and I independently came to very similar results, I have no reason to believe that use of their calculator is anything other than the wiser counsel I exhorted 😉

  • I see.

    It’s interesting to me (and still surprising) that on ‘big’ road tyres 5 psi extra supports ~30kg of extra human.

  • On my van, 10psi extra in the rears covers the difference between empty and 1000kg of freight 🙂

  • Really kindly my OH gave me most of the day off for some me time. So I finally got my new (to me) wheels installed and replaced the broken left shifter to get it rolling again.

    So nice to have uninterrupted time more than 20mins to do a job, and finish it.

    The gear set up is a hangover from my bike tour to Santiago d/C, which seems, and was I guess a lifetime ago.

    Unfortunately the bar tape shredded in places so I have to replace that. But to make sure it was fully rideable I wrapped it up with some electrical tape.

    Still to do in an ideal world:

    • new tape/retape
    • get the short cage RD from parts box at my folks
    • switch the cassette for something less extreme
    • get a new rear tyre (the frame will only take 26mm so I chucked on an old maxxis refuse 25mm instead of the nice Challenge Paris Roubaix)

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  • I put a coat of the finest rattle can artistry onto the old trek with my first completely selfmade fork. Wanted to see if that goes together and it should do i guess.

    Someone on here mentioned lately that coaster brakes suck. I can totally not share that point of view. Riding this bike makes me smile inside.

  • Someone on here

    He's like the village idiot, I wouldn't pay attention. Looks rad, would ride.

  • Love this bike, love coaster brakes!

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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