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  • It’s great fun and I definitely never think about 12 speed :)

  • Spend the weekend building this up. Need to re-wrap the bars really and try it out tomorrow. Hoping the long cage derailleur will work ok with a double (as apparently it's for triples only). Might also need to shorten the chain, which will necessitate a new quick link, and the will fit some PDW guards.

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  • Really nice. Love it

  • That’s looking really nice, is it Athena with the logos removed?

  • Centaur 10s, but yes, logos etc polished off and then the whole lot polished up.

  • Got my partners frame back from Aurum, excellent job as ever.

    Added a bottle boss on the top tube renforcement

    And did an excellent job on some cranks too:

  • powdercoat is just so good

  • Steve is the best

  • Just finished my first fixed build :) legs ache after a few big hills but I love it :)

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  • my first fixed

    It's every inch that

  • Nice build, guess you stripped the frame and polished it up?

    Loose a chain link if you can, too much track slack.

  • Dolan are selling them unpainted like that now

  • Yeah I have taken the slack out since, thanks for letting me know tho :) and no I get it factory new like this. Dolan are selling some like this as the 'limited edition brushed aluminium' version. I know lots of people don't like the welds and the odd brushed effect but I love it. Plus it was on sale for less than the original version!

  • It’s a damn site better than mine looked!

  • Got my Woodrup out of hibernation yesterday to find the chain mysteriously seized (looked like a tiny bit of salt fluff on the big ring as well) but the chain was really clean - bike was clean so not sure what happened - it hadn’t been out since last summer. Had a spare chain so put that on after failed attempts at freeing up the stiff links also found the front brake barrel adjuster snapped so pinched one off a spare brake. Did a little loop with the Mrs today and bike is just as lovely as I remembered.

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  • I love that bike. That'd probably be almost exactly what I'd build if I went custom or did a framebuilding course

  • Starfish were made for Mavic's proprietary threadless BBs which had unique taper neither ISO nor JIS. Can't remember which it was closer to, but I have bought 631 cranks before to find them cracked near the taper, suggesting they were forced onto the wrong BB.

  • I'd post something tasty but the forum software seems to be unable to cope with a simple attached image.

  • Cheers, it’s a lovely bike that deserves riding more often. I had changed the pads for swissstop just before putting away for winter and the rim brakes are now not as bad as i remembered.

  • forum software seems to be unable to cope with a simple attached image.

    Make sure your file type and size are acceptable. On the desktop, drag and drop works pretty reliably. On mobile, go through the file selection routine twice before hitting post and it usually works

  • A bit harsh!

    Looks good @LucaGK

  • Last night’s project.

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  • so pretty - what's rim? It looks a bit like a Moskva 80 perhaps

  • It’s a Campag Omega V, which I think may well be the same rim (different label).

  • these look good, was considering the 33.5's of these for the pomp :eyes:

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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