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  • can anyone help me find thin silverwalled headset spacers for 1 1/8 I've got nitto bullmoose bars and normal spacers are wider walled and so protrude

  • If ^ those don’t match the finish ... Nitto made spacers that’ll match. Perhaps ask Hubjub or Freshtripe?

    Rene Herse sell something similar.

  • I think I might just see out winter on the rigid

    Highly recommended

  • Somebody on here is already using my spacers with a Nitto Bullmoose, you could ask to see their set up if you're very fussy

  • Tester or Ultraturn (on eBay), just specify the OD you want

  • Titanium ones on eBay match nice

  • scrapyard find. wider tyres(37mm), new saddle

  • mud is just nature's suspension anyway, right?

  • Not something very common. My flatmates play tag rugby and there was an arrangement that they can store their field lights and batteries at ours, and charge it as we live next to the field where they play. It was the battery from the field lights, but the fire investigator told us he's doing about 2-3 ebikes & scooters a week...

  • For a build I am doing I have two groupsets lined up. A Dura Ace/600 8-speed groupset and a SRAM Apex 10-speed. I always prefer going period correct, but I am not sure what period these cranks are: 8-speed or 9-speed era. Also, I am not sure if I can shift the front with a 600 derailleur or if the 10-speed chain will run on this if they are indeed 8-speed cranks.

    Any thoughts on this?

  • First step would be to measure the width of the teeth on the rings...

  • According to the interwebz regardless of the outer width of the chain (more "speed", narrower chain), these are the inner dimensions:

    Multi speed chains, from 5 to 8 have inner width of 3/32″ (2.38 mm).
    Multi speed chains from 9 to 12 speeds have inner width of 11/128″
    (2.18 mm).

    In line with this, I'm using a 9 speed octalink ultegra crankset on a 10sp group, and also running 11sp chains on my other 10sp systems without problems (actually it quieted up my 1x10 gravel's drivetrain)

    According to Sheldon Brown 9speed on 8speed chainring should be workable, but I havent tried. He also mentions that with 9sp the small chainring's design positions the actual chainline ever so slightly closer to the large ring.

    In terms of outer diameter, a 10sp chain is 1.22mm narrower, that -combined with the chainline thing- would make me question if it can drop between rings.

    (Also, imagine measuring things as 11/128th of an inch. Just lol)

  • Also, imagine measuring things as 11/128th of an inch. Just lol

    If the chain pitch is in fractional inches, then to be consistent the roller width is too 🙂

  • Thanks for the info guys! I do have a digital measuring apparatus, but I doubt it is accurate enough.

    That said, I think I may have identified the cranks. If anything, they bare a whole lot of resemblance to my cranks. They also do (or did) a tandem version. Not sure when they started doing these, but I guess 9-speed era would be a safe guess.

  • They’re very similar, but I’d be surprised if your ‘B-Space’ cranks are rebadged Middleburns. I don’t think they ever made OEM specials.

    Do yours have a modular spider?

  • After the cassette went missing in the post, I finally got hold of a replacement and give a go around the block 🚴🏼♀️💨

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  • other than the epic spacer stack that's pure slave, love it.

  • new lockdown commuter, for when commuting is a thing again

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  • Best I can tell they have. But you are probably right. Seemed to good to be true I guess.

  • Put this together for my 11yo son

    IMG_20201121_085923213_HDR by Baz's photos, on Flickr

    He's struggling a bit with the triple but otherwise all good

  • Sweet bike, hope he appreciates the effort!
    What am I saying, he's 11.

  • Yeah, that’s really cool :)

  • Can I be your son?

  • DX brakes? Not many 11 year olds were lucky enough to get them back in the day!

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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