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  • Did something unfashionable

    Double super wide range is gonna be the 2021 trend.

    Looking good! A nice polished traditional looking crankset would look extra good in my opinion.

  • Oh really? Ahead of the curve for once. I’ve got a 4600 tiagra compact somewhere in the garage which I was planning to use but couldn’t find - WI or something similar would be lovely but probably wasted on this.

    Can’t decide whether to get the frame painted/powdered (sparkly grey or hammered) lots of memories in that paint though despite never actually liking it.

  • I like the blue, though not a massive fan of the graphics. If you respray, pls no grey. I get what you mean about memories.

  • Graphics were done in a hurry to hide the awful Genesis branding beneath 😂 maybe get some new ones done now, it’s been 5 years. The tape stripes on the TT was to cover some fresh damage.

  • Love that paint, Gaston. Seems to be in really good condition as well?

  • Thanks @Tijs, a little dent on toptube but yes good condition : )

  • Testing

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  • @hacha

    I’m in love with that paint...

  • Yes, yes, yes!

  • Yep the whole thing

  • This build is near perfection for me. The Mavic components, yellow accents and ceramic rims just work so well.

    What year is it please?

  • Just putting it out there, sorry if in wrong section..

    im looking for something but not sure if exists... frame and fork carbon, single speed with pearsons ( i think it is pearsons, where brake disc mounts and hub sit on a sliding bracket so brake does not need adjusting when removing slack on chain over time) or BB eccentric etc..

    trying to remove the rim brake wet noise and go disc brake.

    ive seen one once at work but didnt know who owned it and couldnt find it on the web anywhere and now forgotton what it was, but i was still taken back by carbon fibre and brakes ( rim or disc cant remember)..

    but plenty of track bikes but no brake options.

  • Maybe some CX frame where you can put in an eccentric bb

  • 1989 Peugeot Racing Team Z
    Thank's it's not ceramic but Mach 2 CD2
    Ther frame is to big for me... 58 / 58

  • winter rat bike badly needs 650b, 47 clears in the fork but rear is maybe a 35

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  • New 28h wheels

  • New old Brooks, oury grips and new 34 ring (losing the 36 and 42 and leavingt the granny cause could not be bothered to try to remove it without removing the crank)

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  • That looks great. Did you fit a wider range cassette when going 1x?

  • THX!! i am super happy with it!

    i am trying to not spend money, appart from the tires and seatpost... so i just used the 11?32 x8 cassette i had, and the front ring is a middle ring i had also, not even narrow wide (have dropped the chain already a few times but the granny caught it)

    for now i think i am fine with the ratios of 11-32 with 34 chainring 175 crank, nice and easy to accelerate to okaish urban commuting speeds, i am not flying around but i can still climb with my kid in the back without too much effort (before the low gear was 32-36 and it was "hard" for me with him in the back)

    i only passed to 1x because i never used the granny and rarely used the 42m

  • Almost done. Just waiting on a final part to arrive.

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  • This better?

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  • You could have gone hydraulic for the price of those!

  • no but at least its more fucked up, its pure

    also does the fork support 160mm BUT thats a +20mm adapter?

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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