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  • I'm putting together a multicoloured frameset, so these may be of interest...if not to dear

  • Panaracer Paselas?

  • Friend picked up this for $20 at garage sale, wanted new wheels and cockpit.
    Ran into Shimano Selecta BB for the first time, interesting stuff.

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  • I don't understand what's happening here... Just Google-imaged this, what's the mounting sequence into the BB? The "lip" / cup on the axle seem much larger than standard. Are the bearings smaller?

  • Didn’t actually get into the bearings but found them super easy to adjust. You googled Shimano Selecta?

  • Velobase has more pictures.

  • You googled Shimano Selecta?

    Briefly yes, was curious. Axle seemed unusual but I didn't look further.

  • This bike hardly counts as a project, but I hope it does have some interest.

    I have promised to find a lightweight for my son's girlfriend - she's done some riding, but not on bikes that anyone here would consider worth stepping across.

    This machine was my last attempt at a geared TT machine - I never did a decent ride on it, but I could tell when road testing that this lack of success was down to my failing powers and not because there was anything wrong with the bike.

    I'm not convinced she will be able to cope with it because it's pretty steep and has a very short wheel base (37.5 inches). However it is surprising stable considering, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    All I've done is to remove the clip on bars and change the wheels and the block (mine was a 12-17 six). Obviously the position will need to be altered, but I can't do that until she sits on it.

    Apart from the question of whether a novice can manage this sort of thing, it's worth noting that this frame is not a 'Guerciotti' - it's a Dave Moulton, made in Worcester in 1976.

    I bought the frame some years ago at a cycle jumble, and although the vendor said nothing about the maker it had 'mouton' written in felt tip on the top tube. I've only investigated this now, and it's pretty clear from the frame number and the D. Moulton website that's what it is. I'll be writing to him so he can include it in his register. Looking at the frame again I'm impressed by just how good it is.

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  • So, hit another stumbling block and hopefully someone might be able to steer me in the right direction or even better, have some c record era campag brake levers. :-)

    Finally mounting this after 9 years (shameful)­11/#comment8515115
    but there looks to be an issue with the levers, (also looks like both are right levers but thats not the problem). Basically there looks like a small part in the levers which would stop the barrel moving, is missing. Not sure if it is maybe a plastic part thats broken off or if anyone else has any ideas?

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  • Cheapo shopper that’s ended up looking a bit too nice. Sub £100 build tho

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  • I think there should be a screw adjustable barrel that the cable holder fits into.
    The cable holder position relative to the pivot is adjustable, so the leverage is adjustable.
    Prolly impossible to find that part, better to buy new levers.

  • It's the tan walls. Never use them on a lock up bike imo... But you're maintaining some chaos with the silver post at least.

    Tasteful background hues in this picture

  • Chucked some guards on the GT. Gunna make a front flap for it asap!

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  • Great looking bike. Looks like fun

  • Looks fantastic!

  • 20 euro build

  • Question: CK Inset 7 and Salsa Waxwing Deluxe fork don’t seem to want to play nicely together (big gap above the fork crown in photograph) - have I totally missed the mark on compatibility?

    For a bike I’m having built with a straight 44mm headtube. I have the same headtube, headset and tapered forks (from two different brands) on two other bikes and they fit fine, the only difference here is the integrated crown race on the salsa fork.

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  • the only difference here is the integrated crown race on the salsa fork.

    I suspect that's your problem, and that the integrated crown race in the fork is designed to be used with standard IS52/40 headset bearing or a cup using a standard IS52/40 bearing rather than the proprietary bearings in CK headsets.

  • Ahhh, bugger. Never realised the CK gubbins were proprietary.

    Oh well, guess I’ll have to try and return the forks and source a replacement.

  • Or get a new headset...

  • Just kidding, I'd keep the CK too

  • Haha!

    So the plot thickens. I spoke to the UK based shop I bought the fork from who are a Salsa and Chris King dealer. They don't seem to understand the non-compatibility issue here even after I've explained all the components I have. I asked if I could return the fork and they said no "as it was a special order item." This seems especially unfair as I purchased the fork via the telephone - thank God I used a credit card - as the fork was not listed on their website and at no point was this explained to me.

    Am I right to feel miffed at this and chase a full refund as the forks were purchased less than 28 days ago and are still in the original packaging?

  • Turning an useless frameset into city shredder

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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