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  • Looks so good! How's the ride? What do you use it for?

  • Getting my genres mixed up and no idea where to stick this readers - Arkose currently built up as a 650bx47c gravel tourpacker thing.

  • Getting my genres mixed up

    None of us is 100% anything these days

    no idea where to stick this

    There's a thread for that 🙂

  • New tyres, bar tape, cog, fitted the brake and lever and gave it a spit shine.

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  • great frame

  • Thanks, the ride is improved I'd say, likely equally due to the wider and greater sweep of the bar as the fatter tires. It's just for kicking around on in good weather as it's my only bike sans fenders.

  • Is using a v brake on the front, with the right hand lever a bit janky? it feels it

  • Can someone please help me make sense of the planet x bullmoose handelbar?
    "This ergonomically designed bar has a slight negative rise that combines with the sweep of the bar to place the bar ends 40mm in front and 35mm above the bottom of the steerer clamp."

    So what's the stem lenght then? 40mm with a 35mm rise?

  • The stem-part is longer and higher. The bars are swept back and down.

    Those measurements are for roughly where it puts your hands (the important bit usually).

  • Hmmm... bare with me for a second, so the negative rise part equals bar ends swept down? Like putting a pair of risers with upsweep upside down?
    It's still a little confusing for me...all I know is that i would usually need a 80 -85 mm stem for a 710mm bar on my Surly KM

  • It is confusing because they’re trying to describe the shape. Which is perhaps a distraction really. I’m not sure I understand ‘negative rise’ in this instance.

    I would just measure your current setup (from the bottom of the steerer clamp to bar ends) and see how close they are to these.

    All that matters is where your hands will be ... and if that matches your current (or desired) setup.

    Hope that makes sense.

  • My neverending (aka sat in attic while wedding, move and baby got in the way) colnago sprint build has another set back as I just realised the BB is wrong size.

    Grabbed a chorus 102mm but turns out I need a 111mm. I thought I had done my research but obviously looked in the wrong places as armed with what i know now I found the answer with a quick google.

    Not happy with the cinelli 1a stem as the matt finish doesn't really work with the chrome, and I think I'll be in the market for new bars as well, again the finish is too dark.

  • yeah love that frame. Great colour.

  • I found pedals and I do not know what to do with them...

  • Trying to fit newer cantis to my narrow dawes galaxy forks after v brakes wouldn't work. They are lining up totally differently and spring tension is different even in the same mounting hole. Right side is plumb with the fork blades and the left one is off at an angle. Same spacers/pad position. Any ideas?

  • Do they have the tiny screws for spring tension, and are they evenly set?

  • Yeh, exactly the same, also made sure the wheel is centered. Do not get it!

  • Sweet. Some vintage pedals really finish off a retro build.

  • Anyone got any spare white straps for a vintage build, preferably campag?

  • Not happy with the cinelli 1a stem as the matt finish doesn't really work with the chrome, and I think I'll be in the market for new bars as well, again the finish is too dark.

    Assuming you've got a silver 1A, I know what you mean. It's shiny, but the anodised finish sort of looks satin and it seems to clash with other alloy or chrome parts. If you have the patience, sand the anodising off with some 1200 grit wet-and-dry and a bucket of soapy water, then polish it up with Autosol etc. They look really great polished like that and hold their shine well.

  • Yeah thats exactly it.

    Nice one I'll look into that, might not do it straight away but this i going to be a sunday bike anyway so probably won't see much action over winter so it's another project.

  • Decided to dig this out again and move everything from the Cannondale over to it.
    Been toying with the idea of going double gum/tanwall but am wary of punctures. Guys at work have advised the panaracer kevlar liners so I'm now considering that.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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