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  • Nearly there with this, a couple of bits to alter but this dial-in ride has been fun.

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  • ...hnnnggggg that's so badass.

    Frame + wheel combo is a total winner, and the bold choice of red cables has paid off. Though I'd say, for 10/10 Ndeipi Points, the stem could be slimmer and the saddle blacker.

  • Thanks. All those 1” threadless stems seem to be chunky bois, should look better when I cut the steerer. I’m going to get the wheels re-spoked with silver before I call it done, that should tie it all together then.

  • Are those Goodyear tyres a thing or did you put the lettering on yourself?

  • Try hammering a similar sized Torx bit in.

    +1 for this technique. Although you have to be careful with smaller bolts as if you hammer in a torx bit, you can crank it a lot more and end up snapping the bolt (just like I did on the seized bottle cage mounts on my beater CX frame). Those look beefy enough that they should be ok. Just get lots of wd40, penetrating oil or whatever in there to help it ease it out!

    Bon chance.

  • I’m sure most of you are aware of this bike already. All I’m going to do to it is replace the rear cog, tyres, bar tape and put in the new brake lever. Maybe give it a wash as well.

    Anyway, quick shakedown ride today before being stuck in the office.

    Thanks @Skülly

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  • Lovely frame that

  • Nice those, I’d been eyeing up the Cinelli ti jobs but I don’t have the appetite for that extravagance right now. The ITM one’s more elegant too but I do need 80 or 90mm as I’m finding this frame just a touch long for me. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

    Edit- I think most 1” threadless stuff was for mtbs in its day wasn’t it? Most road bikes were using quills for a long time while off roaders went threadless or have I got that wrong? That ITM clamp looks more flat bar friendly.

  • It's the same clamp they have on the quill version of the ITM Eclypse so I think it's for Road in this case, although there are mob versions with a little rise for sure.. If by 'flat bar friendly' you mean a pain in the arse to fit to drops, then yes, in the case of compact drops it is indeed a right ball ache. (i speak from bitter experience with some DEDA Piegia) . Looks's the business though, so I felt it was worth it at the time.

  • Could also go for a nitto UI-12

  • genetic aq stem worth a shout

  • UI-12 looks great. Can’t find one for sale though and I’ve got 26mm Nitto compact bars - that stem is 31.8 which I would prefer tbh but it’s done now and for some reason I really dread changing handlebars once they’re cabled and wrapped.

  • It's the same clamp they have on the quill version of the ITM Eclypse so I think it's for Road in this case.

    I have an Eclypse that’s 25.4 with negative rise, so it was a thing.

  • Bought a f&f on ebay yesterday for £12. Put some bits on it this am.
    BB height is > 350mm (which is way more than any track bike I've owned)
    front tyre clearance is rizla on a 28mm road tyre
    Frame is 44 x 57cm so it's probably not intended for very short people.
    There's a welded gusset on the DT - I'm wondering if I've bought a cycle speedway frame
    (also there's mudguard eyes and plenty of clearance at the back for 700c)
    Looks like it'll be fun whatever it is

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  • Bought a f&f on ebay yesterday for £12. Put some bits on it this am.

    That's fast delivery! And fast building!

  • local pick-up and I've just tidied my workshop so for once in my life I know where all my junk is!

  • Have you got 700c wheels on a frame built for 26”? MTB frames usually have that weird long low geo.

  • I did wonder...
    26" wheels are pretty common on speedway bikes and the geo is similar - would explain the epic BB height

  • Fall/winter - adventure project. Trying to avoid public transport for obvious reasons

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  • Finally built up my smaller wheels to accommodate fatter tires, and wahey! I can fit 1.95 in there now. Went from 451 to 406.
    New stuff includes:
    Answer Expert 28h
    Cycroc Track Hubs
    Sapim Straight (couldn't find the double-butted in my chosen length)
    Tioga Powerblock 1.95
    Tektro R559 (filed to accept about 2mm more drop)
    Brooks C17
    NC17 318 handlebar
    GP1 grips

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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