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  • Just about ready for an epping ride.

  • It’s a way more expensive frame than I’d ever normally be able to afford. I’m hesitant to ruin the otherwise perfect paint.

    I did see decal kits in whacky colours that go over all the original red parts including the big down tube one

  • I will cut the drops a little bit tomorow
    This is just a project for now :)

    I build bikes, let's say it's a real estate investment

  • Exploro update:

    Cranks suddenly went wobbly whilst riding on the turbo. Got off and tightened them up with an Allen key (so definitely not over the recommended torque) and they became super stiff with a rubbing sound when turning by hand.
    That’s my training finished prematurely then.
    I’m guessing I need some other combination of spacers or something.
    Any ideas on how to correctly fit Sram force bb30 cranks on a bb386 frame?

  • Any ideas on how to correctly fit Sram force bb30 cranks on a bb386 frame?

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  • Efficient and as helpful as ever. Thank you

  • helpful as ever

    Some days I'm helpful that way, some days I'm even more helpful by telling you to grow up and download the manufacturer's instructions for yourself 🙂

  • That is of course the correct response but then trawling through search results and manufacturers convoluted tech doc pages is more effort than asking here for someone else to tell me what I need to know 😘

  • Love the bar tape (and the rest of the bike)!

  • Thanks very much : )

  • trawling through search results and manufacturers convoluted tech doc pages is more effort

    It took me less than 7 minutes including the image manipulation, and I wasted the first two looking at the SRAM SPC which I wouldn't have got near if I hadn't already got it in my local files.

  • ^ Yeah but you know where to look and what you’re looking for!

  • 1985 Gitane Champion

    Before and after!

    Hitting the classifieds soon.

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  • Got my sons bike commuter ready this afternoon. Mudguards & flap, front rack, Dynamo. Light placement is temporary until I get a different bracket, he was just keen on using it :)

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  • excellent.

  • Your insights and knowledge is always appreciated!

  • insights and knowledge's 90% decent google-fu to be honest

  • Current roadie, campy 9s groupset still smooth

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  • Nice bike! Fantastic how you combined that ti Grammo stem with the bartape.

  • I concur with Wim, the Gastonesque matching is fabulous.

  • That's the insight and knowledge I'm talking about.... ;)

  • New lowrider mounts fitted to my All-City Macho Man, and a new sparkly colour...

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  • Swapped out the bars on this for some a compact bar and put new tyres on the Rondinella. Also removed the PDW's as they rub against the Vittoria Corsas which seem to run a little on the large size, so they will probably go on my fixed for rainy commutes instead. This can stay as it is for now, although I don't like the fizik tape much-to padded-too thick for my tastes, so will re-wrap them in new tape if I can find some Raspberry coloured tape (whic I can in cotton but that may be too thin and look odd with ergos shfters).
    At some point it may get lighter new wheels and a newer carbon groupset, but not just yet as I like it as is for now.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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