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  • 130mm hub into 126mm spaced alu frame - just squeeze it in or try to mess with the hub spacing?

  • If the frame is steel, I'd imagine 2mm deflection in the stays will easily be absorbed

  • If the frame is steel

    If the frame was steel, he probably wouldn't be asking.

  • alu frame

  • Kinda hoping for your advice.... 😁

  • hoping for your advice

    Depends how much you value the frame vs. how much you value being to use practical hubs in it for riding. Springing it open will bring forward the time when the weld at the inside of the chainstay/BB shell junction cracks. If you don't mind that you're going to be using up the frame, go for it. Riding it for a few years is probably going to be more fun than hanging it on the wall of your man cave for a few decades unless it's something very special.

  • Excellent, reassuring, thank you.

  • Thought I had figured out why I’m getting insane pedal strike, my adjustable drop outs were adjusted all the way back. Tightened them up bringing the wheel forward and the BB up. Took it for a spin and still getting strikes on some berms that I have to climb thru. Took a look at the geo-chart and noticed that all measurements are assuming that you’re running a fork with 530 axle-to-crown. My ATC is 487...

    I then measured my bb height, it’s supposed to be 315 and it’s currently 254..

    I guess it’s new for time.

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  • Built Cinelli Tutto 2019 frameset as my daily commuter - really fun bike

  • when the weld at the inside of the chainstay bridge cracks


    Is this also true for crude Al frames from the dark ages?
    Can't think of any 126mm Al frame other than an early Klein, Cannondale or a bonded Vitus type affair.
    My touring 'dale was factory built with a 130 hub in a 135 spaced frame. Might have been an oversight, but the deformation seems well within the elastic range and the frame is still fine after >25 years.

    A mildly related period article from the Tour Magazin

  • chainstay bridge

    I was going to mention that as the option for those frames which have one, but I have to leave something for everybody else 🙂

    Yes, the sproing is well with elastic limit, but it's added to the cyclic sproing which normal riding already applies, and aluminium alloys don't have a fatigue limit

  • I finally got my Columbus Max Nikor courtesy of @sepe84 built up.

    It's going to have wide silver rims and 28c tyres for its day to day wheels, but they are not ready yet, and the saddle is a temporary one as I'm waiting for a Cinelli Volare from the postman.

    But I couldn't wait for them to arrive before riding it, so its just had its maiden voyage, I'm going to have a lot of fun with this, I like it a lot. Alas my crap-house photography doesn't properly portray its true colour, its much more purple than it looks in the pic.

  • More than nice! Dreambike, great build as well and love those chrome details. Deserves better pics :)

  • What bars should I use for my tandem frame? This is how it came from eBay:

    It has a 56cm top tube and it came with two sets of Cinelli Giro d'Italia drop bars, perhaps the originals. So I'm guessing the frame is designed for drop bars and doesn't have enough length for other bars. Or does it?

    I want to make this tandem versatile, i.e:

    • fun/functional for 10 minute rides to the pub
    • zippy enough for two hour rides to more distant pubs

    I could just fit the Cinelli drop bars that I have. But I want to make something easier for friends to use and honestly I would like a change from drops.

    If I fit bars with a sweep, like this fine tandem from our very parish, will I just bash my knees into the bars? (I'm tall - 193cm.)

    Of course I could put sweep-back bars on a silly long quill stem. A fun Google search has told me that I can find 14cm quill stems but probably nothing longer. Except maybe a Look ergostem. This is exactly the excuse I need to buy a Look ergostem...

    Sweep back bars also enable me to use MTB / town bike brake levers and they enable the fitting of normal V-brakes, which are cheaper and easier than mini-V brakes or cantilevers. So that would be a bonus.

    Anyway this bar conundrum must have come up before. What are my options?

  • Flip the sweeps so that they're properly upright, knee issues go away.

  • Genius.

    Any specific bar recommendations? The ones on the purple tandem are apparently Ergotec Stuttgarter, but they are difficult to find in the aluminium version.

  • Any specific bar recommendations?

    Search for North Road bars

  • What bars should I use for my tandem frame?

    There's a thread for that

  • This.
    @Ndeipi there are tons out there now with the popularity of gravel grandpa bikes, everybody from Nitto to Jones to Hsin Lung to Surley to Soma to whatever.

  • Thanks @gbj_tester and @withered_preacher. I just bought two pairs of the Stuttgarter. I found an eBay seller with all ~10 varieties.

    They have a 74mm rise, so should clear my knees.

  • You can find longer stems them 140 if you open yourself up to 25.4 clamps.

  • FWIW I have a spare northroad handlebar. They’re brushed alu finish, never used.

    I’d have to check but I expect they’re for a 25.4mm clamp stem.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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