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  • Ha ha, I'm quite pleased with that! It was a bit awkward trying to fit a pump and a frame bag in the same space because of the size of the frame.

  • I really did that paint job.

    Nice looking build

  • Pretty self congratulatory eh?

  • Yeah, they are kinda rare now. This one is made from tange steel. I thought it will be heavy and flexible, but it feels light and rigid. I built it for myself, but its too small. So its my girlfriend new city bike now. :)

    There is some little info on retrobike. Numbers of model refers to material of frame and original groupset.

  • Out and about yesterday on this new purply thing :)

    I've noticed it looks blue on some older screens but most definitely very purple in real life, and ridiculously shiny. New screens though seem to display it properly (decent phones etc).

    I was in Japan last year and did a short get away with bike down to Fukuoka and went by to finalise and order it.

    The design brief (a.k.a 'excuse') for this was to have something for long days out in relative comfort, a little more tyre clearance than an older race-ready lugged frame, decent stiffness for a large frame and sharp handling dialed back slightly. So this easily clears 28mm with 9000 brakes old 18mm inner rims and looks like I could get up to 32 with a newer brake. Tubeset a mix of 853, Max and Zona.

    Unfortunately this year's Japan trip ended up cancelled due to the whole Covid thing so I had to have it shipped over here instead. Spent the last two weeks staring at the tracking info as it inched its way through customs but finally it arrived Monday and I got it built up pretty quickly.

  • Incredible bike. Absolutely perfect.

  • Perfect indeed. Classy bike, much envy.

    That sparkly blue colour sample looks amazing too.

  • Bloody hell. Purple haze! That's porn in my book. What wheels you got there may I ask?

  • Absolutely amazing. So so good

  • Wheels are dt swiss oxic.

    Purple haze yes - I'd originally contacted in 2016 about a frame but hadn't followed through as I couldn't really justify it.

    At the start of last year I was considering buying a Nemo Tig in their Purple Haze colour. Then at about the same time I came across a nice purple Samson and that got the gears in my brain moving again, I figured the Samson was only a little more than the Cinelli and it's what I'd really wanted anyway.

    I went in there expecting to choose the purple I'd seen online but it turned out to have been a repaint. That's not mine, he said :D I wasn't leaving without a purple bike though so I went with this instead.

  • Fucking. Dream. Bike!

    Also yearly Japan-trip sounds amazing, I'm saving up for a longer trip for my 40th and this has sowed a dangerous seed!

    Unrealistic dibs

  • Consider yourself an influencer cause now this whole forum wants one, as well as an annual trip to Japan. They should give you free accomodation etc.
    Will the anodising stay on the rims (ceramic-style?), or will it wear off?

  • Will the anodising stay on the rims (ceramic-style?), or will it wear off?

    Reviews are good and so far they've been holding up despite two off road adventures and some rain. I guess winter will be the big test.

    Annual Japan trip is really not so glamorous - visiting the in-laws. Doesn't really feel like a 'proper' holiday by a long shot. For sure nicer than a trip to Basingstoke or wherever but a lot more expensive too. It would be nice to go somewhere else too for a change :D

  • Hahaja visiting the in-laws, that makes it a little less glamorous indeed... now I feel lucky that mine live 20km away, for the first time so thanks for that.

    I have some black anodized campy omega tubular rims. They held up for about 1200km (on the flat lowlands that is) before the anodizings started to wear. Very dry brake pads didn't help I guess, they squeeked like piglets losing theirs during the last couple of hundred km before I started noticing the wear. But anyway, if it happens to yours, I'd say just change the rims, this bikes deserves new socks every now and then :)

  • Looking for internet blind stress analysis on this 25 year old CNC billet alu stem. Fits 1” threadless steerer which I want, but looks like it has built-in stress-riser dental death doom, which I don’t. One to avoid or am I worrying too much?

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  • Big fillet radii mitigate the stress raising potential of those cutouts. I'd be more worried about whether I could get the bars through the clamp.

  • Brilliant thank you. Yeah that had crossed my mind too.

  • Dadcommuterallroundfunbike finished. Rides like a waterbed, weighs a ton and I really love it.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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