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  • New bike for my girlfriend incoming! Just need to decide on the bar position, tape the bars and fit the mudguards.

    Nice custom geometry frame using Columbus tubes built up with all the components off my Soma Wolverine that I wasn’t using. The colour was influenced by that lovely Speedvagen lavender.

    She’s real happy with how it turned out, it should make a great endurance road/light gravel and touring bike.

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  • Also, turns out all those super cheap R785 levers are all euro setup i.e. right hand, rear brake.

    But I found a set on eBay for a good price so I’m still good to go.

  • Dont they come with the hose quick connectors - so easy to swap round?

    Edit; i would also want the 2 year warranty on any Shimano hydraulics

  • Not sure. The description wasn’t very good on Wiggle.

    I’ve had the same levers on my road bike, 8,000 miles not a single issue so was willing to chance it :)

  • Could somebody recommend a modern but sympathetically styled grip for this build? I went with the classic moulded hard rubber shopper number as the most appropriate but as predicted it felt awful after a couple of miles.

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  • I’d normally just go for bar tape. I also like Ergon Grips but they are spenny

  • I just noticed in the top pic I’d put my Renthal lock-ons from my MTB on. They’d look ok if I taped over the logos on the end caps, they’re pretty plain otherwise. Still think I could do better though.

  • Ergon - no sympathy.

  • Brompton grips, yes you read that right, tenner a pop and they look and feel right, thank me later, a tinnie of Red Stripe (or two!) please!

  • Yes! thank you they look great. Think that’s the winner. Also saw Brooks Cambium
    grips appear on the same google page, they’re more extravagant than I had in mind but well nice.

  • If you want comfort and subtle looks I really rate ESI.

  • They’re nice too, might feel nicer than foam. Chosen by world champs and Olympians too. Says so.

  • New project incoming! Columbus MAX frame with nice selection of high end late 90's bits and pieces.

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  • Brooks Cambium look nice but really aren’t all that comfortable unfortunately.

  • Wuuuuuut!!! Insane!

  • What are those disc brakes?

  • Brakes are Formula with some sort of cable actuater. Sounds like a great idea, but no idea if it actually works.

  • Obviously this is not EC44/40 but rather 44/30. Damn it, wolftooth doesn't have these :/

    Anyone has experience with the Pro ones? I'll just get the bottom one and keep the wolftooth in the upper.

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  • How you gonna pull that brake lever?

  • Cant you just fit a Hope Headset Tapered Reducer HS136 to the fork steerer first?

  • I purchased this on 21st Feb from a far flung corner of the world. The world was a very different place then. It was partially shipped across a continent, then some pesky virus hit and it was trapped. It was finally shipped to me on 28th May, and after a long and anxious wait in which I envisaged all manner of horrors, it finally arrived today. LONGEST WAIT EVER.

    I'd have been in the Winchester waiting for this all to blow over,....if only the Winchester was open.

    It was worth the wait, and the 5 month delay has at least given me time to acquire most of the parts to go on it. It's going to be a classic old school 753 racer, shiny Campagnolo, 7 speed down tube shifters and shiny pedals with clips and leather straps, with the only concessions being double pivot front brake, aero brake cables as I hate the big loopy old ones, and I managed to find some NOS Croce D'Aune hubs which I'm getting built up with some new wide Pacenti Brevet clincher rims for that plush tubular wheel feel without the tubular hassle.

    Bit of a rarity being a chromed Reynolds 753 Merckx, and in a rare colour scheme that I'd not seen before but fell in love with immediately. Frame dates from 1988 I think, and seems in remarkable condition for its age, and has clearly not been used much.

    I've ordered and am just waiting for a saddle, headset, bottom bracket and all cables and housing, and then its ready to be built up along with my Columbus Max Nikor which has also been waiting patiently to be completed. I've never ridden a 753 frame before, but am struck by how light it is, the frame fork and headset are noticeably lighter than just the Nikor frame excluding fork. Exciting times.

  • Yeah that’s nice. Someone posted a nice pink version of this somewhere on here too a while back

  • Don’t, it’s a legal requirement here to be installed not to be used.

  • But thats from 1.5" to 1 1/8? I would need one from 40mm to 30mm. But I dont really like adapters. Thank you, though!

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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