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  • Wow i like that a lot!

    Whats the headset?

  • Says Koga on it, like the Dutch brand I guess?

  • Hmmm

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  • Anyone know of somewhere that does custom milling services or cheapish aluminium or steel sheet?

    I need a really weird size shim for our tandem stoker stem, and it looks like custom is the only way forward. 26.8mm seatpost needs to fit a 1 1/8" stem, so looking at 1.2mm diameter/0 .6mm thick.

    I'd really rather not go down the coke can route - if anyone has any suggestions they'd be warmly received.

  • Ordinary seat post shims are flexible enough to work in this application, that's how I got a 28.6 stem on my 27.2 post.

    You actually need 0.9mm wall (28.6-26.8=1.8), so the shim which is designed to fit a 25.4mm post in a 27.2mm tube. The end gap opens up by about 4.5mm but that's not really a problem.

    0.9mm is a bit thick to bend at home without proper tooling, it will end up 20p shaped, so I'd probably avoid that.

    Your local machinist can make a custom turned and slotted sleeve, if you can find one who can be arsed with very small job shop work, or there are a couple of people on here with home lathes who might help.

  • 0.9mm aluminium strip should be easy enough to roll neatly by hand round a seat post as a former. Pull it round a slightly smaller seat tube and it'll probably spring back to the size you need.


    That stuff looks like it's guillotined sheet so it'll be even softer than rolled section.

  • Coke can route sounds dodgy, but actually works really well.

  • Coke can is only 0.15mm thick though!

  • I can't thank you all enough, plenty to go on here.

    I think I'm going to go down the eBay aluminium strip route and then seatpost shim if not having a collar is detrimental.

    Thanks again!

  • I want to put drops on my fixie-skidder-tracklopacker-thing.

    What are the go-to single speed, hydraulic drop bar levers? I’ve come across the TRP Hylex RS ones that look good and seem to get decent reviews online, but wanted to check if anyone had a better suggestion.

    I’ll need to purchase two levers so don’t want to spend too much north of £200 including callipers in total.

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  • I had Hylex and thought they were really good & reliable. Hard to beat. What about the various cheap RS685 / Dura-ace mechanical & Di2 on CRC at the moment and gut the shifter parts out (or turn the left into a dropper lever).

  • The trps are the only single speed drop bar brake lever. Other options are pulling the shifter gubbins out of sram, or using cable-pull hydraulic brakes like juin tech.

  • That is rad. Only ever see the TRP levers for singlespeed

  • Missing rear disc mount?

  • Ye let's have the discussion about the merits of a rear brake on a fixed gear bike again

  • Good call! I have R785 levers on my road bike, but didn’t even think of them. Just had a scoot around and I can get the callipers and two levers for pretty much the same as the TRP ones.

    @timmah! Thanks. Think I’ll go for the Shimano ones and gut them. Something comforting about having the same brand brake set up on two bikes for replacement pads and the like.

    @Dexter Thanks!

  • Only caviat to R685 is the caliper micro leaks obvs, but that just an O-ring replace I believe?

  • Rear disc mounts are a right pita though.

    @oheyitsdrew we can add to the discussion the (non)merits of a 74 degree seat tube and 73.5 degree head tube for gravel riding as well while we’re at it, ha!

  • Just go Hylex for the front and a dummy lever of any sort on the left.

    You could splash out on some TRP drop levers which should match the look of the Hylex levers but I know that they're only sold as a pair.

  • Frankenfork for my Fredy Ruegg columbus max tourer: old 1 1/8 touring fork cuted to match SL oval tubes, canti bosses to be done and ready to go on it's first week long ride.

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  • Wait, non-matching levers? Are you mad!? ;)

  • New wheel day...

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  • Snap!­

    Yours look waaaay posher than mine though!

  • Me too!
    Chasing that 2007 high with a white spoke

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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