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  • This looks rad!
    Let me know when you are accepting orders :)

  • In that case, I've probably got one of them too...

  • I can't remember if the lugs are bonded or welded on these old aluminium Peugeot but regardless, it will 100% explode if you ride it fixed as the BB cluster has not been designed for it.

    Just turn it into a nice singlespeed with a chain tensioner and enjoy it

  • it will 100% explode if you ride it fixed as the BB cluster has not been designed for it.

    Ooh, I feel science coming up. Please show your working.

  • There is zero science in there.

    Having seen first hand Vitus bikes with bonded tubes that have popped tubes while being ran fixed, I just provided @JoeGW with some unsolicited advice.

    I am sure you have the actual software to show the areas of the BB / chainstay that are under load when you do a mad skid!!!

    Since it is a family heirloom, I image he'd prefer to keep it in one rideable piece as long as possible.

  • From what I read, neither; the lugs were press fit.

  • I have been riding almost exclusively off road for the past couple of years but have been toying with the idea of a road bike again for a while. A friends neighbour mentioned to him that he wanted to sell his old road bike as he bought it, rode it a couple of times, put it on a turbo and never used it. It sat gathering dust so for a very small fee I snagged a mint caad 4. I wish I had taken a pic of it when I got it with slammed gel saddle and sky high bars, I have ordered new tyres and tape as I am getting rid of the bars. I have plans for a few upgrades as it cost so little leaving room to upgrade and still call it a budget build.

    Flat pedals are gone obv.

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  • This is super nice. How did you work out the flat mount issues in the end?

  • The mounting surfaces weren't level. I guess the stay must have twisted slightly while I was trying to tack it in place. Solved with some careful filing, basically just faced the mount. However I also got the dimensions wrong from the dropout so it's actually between a 140 and a 160 rotor. I've got a 140 in there at the moment and it grabs enough of the disc to be useful but not a long term solution. I think I'd just try to find some 10mm spacers rather than the usual 20 and go up to a 160 rear.

    I also ran out of cable stops so the rear gear cable is cable tied in place after exiting the downtube for now. And the frame has no seat or chainstay bridges. I'm going to ride it and see how it feels but it will be getting both eventually anyway for fenders. And at some point paint.

  • Did you build this one in the kitchen as well? If so, that’s some haute-cuisine!

  • Yep, born n' brazed in the kitchen

  • born n' brazed

    That's good. Original?

  • That's good. Original?

    Haha I haven't seen it anywhere else but I'm certain I won't be the first to have said it

  • I'm certain I won't be the first to have said it

    I'm not so sure. Liked Kitchen Fabs or something along those lines as well. Great frame by the way.

  • Project tiny Cannondale is go.

    130mm stem, inline post and I'm all set.

    Next step is to fit my 10 speed Sram Red.

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  • Chances of disintegration in the hands of a mad skidder now increased to 200%

  • If you want a fixed bike, get something off the peg I.e. State Bicycle Co, not the best but you get the £300 you pay for, make sure it gets checked and assembled by a bike shop, so another £35 or £50.

    As many had already said the Peugeot is not suitable for fixed conversion AND I suspect the fork is not original, which raises the question as to what happened to the original forks. Delaminated? Cracked? Bike was crashed?

    Tldr: Ride the Peugeot as it is and get a fixie of whatever guise, that way you'll have 2 bikes without the guesswork.

  • New lock down project with @fax_yourself ,

    Horror crank stuck to the bb, just going to pretend it’s all ok until the bb goes 👀

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  • you know no1s looking at the bike and everyones looking at the kitchen right?

    very American microwave placement !

  • Yeah you can keep your bread in the freezer then it never goes off. Toaster / kettle chrome combo is off the chain.

  • Finished the Uncle John beater SSCX today. Never ridden a CX bike before. Spent an hour ripping around the forest paths this eve straight after I’d built it up. Fuck me, it’s lots of fun.

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  • Was a fool to think I could compete against the sheer volume of worktop space

  • Amazing find! Collection still growing then? ;-)

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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