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  • Looks not too bad imho but i am too inexperienced to judge whether the cone nut works

    I had used the attached miche so far with the flat cone nuts which slip nicely into the bearing

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  • Also does anyone know what kind of lockring that is and how i can untighten it?

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  • From the sublime to the ridiculous today:

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  • Headset and forks on.

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  • Picked up this Shogun Kurokan alloy cyclocross bike (minus wheels) from Gumtree for a friend who wants to get into cycling.

    The guy I bought it from has a "deal" with the Lewisham Recycling Centre ♻️ where he gets the bikes, fixes them then resells them.

    Anyway, got the bike with no wheels, so got wheels off @Aroogah - thank you.

    Found out today that the RD hanger was bent so sorted it out. Not sure how I lived all my life without a rear derailleur hanger adjuster tool!!

    Cleaned & refitted the derailleur the bike came with to then realise it was also bent... not the first it happens, that's 10 minutes and 50p worth of degreaser that I will never get back.

    Next task is recabling the whole bike, which I will do later this week.

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  • That’s a HED disc, isn’t it? I don’t think that’s a cassette, I think it’s one of those Chinese 9-speed screw on mega freewheels. If you slip that aluminium axle off, I think there might be splines down the bore. It might be smaller than the usual Shimano one though.

    Weld it up and chainwhip, if in doubt!

  • I love the fork! The build might be functional and efficient, hope your friend will enjoy his / her ride. (put mudguards on it :p)

  • Thank you

    I always find it tricky to build bikes for non-cyclist as they are always astonished at the price of parts.

    £20 for a "cog"??, JESUS I am in the wrong line of work

    So if I mention mudguards and the costs associated, they'll flip.

  • Barry the Beater.

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  • Now hurry up and get back to work on that Somec ;)

  • Waiting for some bits to arrive.

    I reckon it will be early next week.

  • Yep its a hed disc

    Many thanks for your insight which is very helpful

    Disc should arrive next week so i will see what i can (not) do

  • Look forward to that, were you putting 10 speed silver Campag on it? Decided on wheels, and tape and saddle colour yet?

    I've just bought the Max Nikor that was advertised on the forum, which I plan to dress with silver Campag. Summer project is go!

  • I built up this Guadrini from bits in the cupboard of doom under the stairs, the saddle rails are a bit thick, hence the jaunty angle, and the stems a couple of cm too short.

    Bars rotated round a bit as I like riding on the hoods, but lined the levers flat with bat bottom. It's campag Daytona and some rather fab hope ti, wheels I picked up on here off a top chap. It's not really a 51, as it's 49 c to c. it's a bit small for me but it's a lovely thing made from Columbus Genius. The top tube could do with another cm or so.

    I was going to sell the frame, but thought, what the heck... Let's have a play! The more observant amongst you will notice I cut the back brake sleeve a bit short - again!, it rides just fine, it's just an annoying thing I do.

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  • Thought I would share my current project:

    DIY/repurposed bag for bike packing.­asnt-made-for-this

    I just ordered another bag to make one for the front as well actually! So cheap but so effective.

    It will look like this but with some minor changes to the straps

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  • Strong work!! Love this.

  • Thanks @Josh for the headset

  • dreamy. What's that tubing gaston?

  • Thanks, Columbus Thron Custom

  • Although I have no interest in bikes with tyres smaller than 35mm I really want a Concorde one day, lush.

  • Love the bike! And bag suits it well

  • Groupset is 9 Speed Chorus. Wheels will be Shamals, or maybe some carbon wheels that are incoming. Bar tape, black.

    Look forward to seeing the Nikor being built up.

  • I'm looking for some all-road forks, carbon, room for 35mm tyres, flat mount disk, thru axle, isn't £400. Anyone got any recommendations?

  • Have you checked Planet X?

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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