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  • At that price I could afford to buy it and try it out. I've contacted them re something else recently and due to C19 their communication is sparse.

  • I've always sucked at getting rid of things in general and have only let two frames go, one was sold and the other given to a friend. I'm trying to persuade myself that I'd feel better without all these overpriced material possessions that are too precious to beat on anyway and are weighing me down. On the other hand, every single person I know plus hundreds of others on here always say that they miss the bikes they have gotten rid of. Gotta find that balance some day. Maybe not today though.

    @matteroftaste Thanks man. My girlfriend has put up with 14 bikes in the apartment for far too long and I don't think she'd be excited seeing them in the living room as well. This one and a Seven Odonata has miraculously been in our bedroom for the past couple of years. I gotta draw the line somewhere.

  • Didn't you sell your fancy Reynolds Assaults from your Van Tuyl buddy? I suspect that it has something to do with the same reasons. I'm not even sure I want to get rid of it. You know how it goes.

  • I had a big cassette when i first put gears on it and didn't need it at all. The SLX stuff was free otherwise i would have a road mech, even this 32t is a bit pointless

  • Didn't you sell your fancy Reynolds Assaults from your Van Tuyl buddy?

    I don't ever sell anything. Got tired of the umpteenth broken spoke, plus the brake tracks were finished (got them second hand). Reality is not as glamorous as what you see on LFGSS, I'm afraid.

  • Reality is not as glamorous as what you see

    Now you're just preaching to the choir man, social media in general is just depressing

  • Consider getting rid of that instead of awesome bikes. ;) Not LFGSS though of course; this is toootally different.

  • Do we reckon it (Vagabond) would take a 100mm travel fork for occasional mtb jaunts

    @Alb ?

    Vittoria mezcal

    @cake has them

  • Think the originals were 435mm A-C w/ 55mm offset so decidedly non-suspension corrected. 80mm would be better than 100mm but might be still too high (+30mm even at 30% sag - 465mm)

  • there you go @TM straight from the horses mouth, thanks Alb - have a sugar lump

  • Anyone got any tips for a SG75 bottom bracket install? I'm really struggling to get it 'just right' it's either slightly too tight - getting tighter over time, or too loose, where eventually I can feel some play between the bearings and spindle! It's really doing my nut in!

    Considering calling it quits and getting a sealed cartridge bb if I can find an ISO one in the right size.

  • I think the general consensus is to have loose ball bearing bb's very slightly loose. Maybe you are over tightening the lockring? It takes me about 4/5 goes to get it the way I want it.

    Tbh since getting a sealed bearing hope ti bb on one of my bikes I wouldn't go back to loose unless it was "period correct".

  • I can feel some play

    For most* cycling purposes, you should be able to feel some play but not see it. Your fingers are much more sensitive than your eyes. You can feel, and probably hear, about 10μm radial clearance, which is about what the common deep groove cartridges of that size in "sealed-bearing" BBs will be.

    *Headsest are preloaded slightly to avoid the clearance in the upper bearing opening up too much once the large axial service load is applied.

  • You could always use some red loctite and keep it just slightly on the lose side.

  • Unless you are in keirin, don't use them and use a sealed unit instead.

  • Will look into some sealed options. I don't mind bike maintenance, but fettling with a BB every month or 2 is a right pain.

    Is there an obvious/ ubiquitous combination for SG75's used on the street?

  • 111mm Campag Centaur works perfectly.

  • 109mm iso tange too

  • does that not throw chainline off? I guess it's only 2mm?

  • 1mm, since the axle is symmetrical. If you're sure anything else on your bike's rear end is tracked to that precision, I want to see your surface plate 🙂

  • yep, done many quiet-chain-miles with that combo

  • of course it is... cheers @umop3pisdn

  • Yet another BB tool of course now. 🤬

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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