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  • Oh ffs!!


  • Picked this up from @SteadyCam with aspirations of making it a project. Not sure what to do with it yet, first step is new cables, bullmoose bars, possibly new cranks to run 1x7 - but liking full DX as stands. Def a respray as the paint is pretty tatty. Any inspiration very much welcome

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  • That's sick! One of the first 29ers it seems? I would't change much, looks amazing as it is.

  • Yes, there was an Overdrive Comp (with XC Pro group) and this Overdrive (DX group) in the 1992 range, called "Supercross" bikes, which were essentially early 29ers. Both with MTB geometry and decent clearance for 45c Panaracer Smokes, which were noticeably different to other 'hybrids' which were 38C max and more upright.

  • From the 1992 DB catalogue.

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  • Agreed! Just lower that stem amto hide the taper and its done!

  • Lovely! DX is great, probably my favourite looking (and functioning) groupset from Shimano. Can't go wrong with bullmoose bars.

  • nice. I had the axis or apex from that year. wish I'd kept hold of it but you can't keep all the bikes, eh?

  • That's cool as hell. I'm with the other folx advocating nothing but bullmoose (maybe some gum grips to match the saddle) and cabling. Even the triple looks right on it, which is not something you'll hear me say too often.

  • One of my faves this one. The black and white cat is a particularly good addition.

    If you could get an all white one sat looking through the triangle that would really make this pop.

  • Parts box special!

    French artisan track bike with an identify crisis. Not a Peugeot but has a french threaded headed and BB.

    Here we have:

    • Recycled headset which isn't great but works
    • Spidel 35 x 1 bottom bracket cups with a rather rare Stronglight 118mm 'Piste' hollow axle
    • Stronglight 165mm 49D chainset
    • Promax 26.8mm seatpost (pretty sure it'll take a 26.6mm one) & Peugeot Mundialita suede saddle
    • Maillard 700 track hubs on 36h Rigida SI20 clincher rims
    • Swept back bars with new gum grips

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  • Thank you!

    I will fit some tanwall tyres I have then a used chain then list it in the classifieds.

    I have been putting it together to clear some of the parts I have accumulated

  • for you greeno <3

    Columbus EL

  • Back on gears. Only changed wheels so far, don't really know what's next (PM if you're selling Shimano SL-1056 dt shifter <3) Bartape - eyewatering clash with the frame CW, perhaps I like it!

  • .

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  • DBAD related question.
    It would be possible to have braze on Paul centerpulls set up where you could have the Racer set up for 650b and by switching in the Racer Mediums you can have 700c?

    Just a bored thought exercise.

  • possible to have braze on Paul centerpulls set up where you could have the Racer set up for 650b and by switching in the Racer Mediums you can have 700c?

    If you have the studs in a pretty narrow window, yes. Boss height is 334mm nominal for Racer/650B and 340mm nominal for Racer Medium/700C. Assuming the nominal size puts the pads in the middle of the adjustment slots, that's 334±7.5 and 340±5 (shorter slots on the Medium), and the overlap window would then be 335-341.5

  • Thanks, just looking at the measurements it looked like it would work, but then sometimes we miss simple things and such...

  • Need some help folks, although I already think I know the answer.
    1x9 setup, XT 737 rear derailleur, Sunrace 1x crankset, narrow wide chainring. 9-8-7th gears are perfectly fine, 6-5-4th are noisy and jumpy and don't even shift sometimes, 3-2-1st are fine again.
    Bent hanger or bent cage, am I right? How eff'd I am on the first case, given we're talking about an aluminium bike with a non-replaceble hanger?

    Shifting up to the 4th cog is worse than shifting down onto it though, when downshifting I figured it would be a bit better, but already fiddled quite a lot with cable tension.
    There is no wobble on the chainring or on the casette.

    Edit: might have been the tension after all, but I'll only be sure tomorrow. Not convinced though.

  • Bent hanger or bent cage, am I right?

    Or it could be as simple as the slightly wider pulley cage of the 8-speed RD not playing nicely with the narrow 9-speed chain when it's not pushed to either one side or the other

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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