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  • Thumbs and yeah if needs must a couple of Pedros...

  • Koop stop bead jack

    That does look great for home or a workshop. A bit big to carry on a bike.

  • It's a Leader Mordecai fgfs frame from back in 2012 or so with some Gusset forks that I don't actually know the name of

  • A little parts swapping done on the Faggin.

  • Working on my favourite bike today.

    Pashley Pronto is getting upgarded from SA 3 speed to Nexus 8 speed!

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  • Current projects cluttering the house...
    Alan super record - 9speed ultegra
    Fillet brazed Roberts - 10speed Sram red
    Gazelle track - needs a front wheel and bars
    Look KG381 Team - ultegra di2

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  • A fine grouping, that Roberts in particular.

  • lovely stuff!

  • I moved house recently and remembered i had this frame so i chucked some parts bin bits on it

  • Now that's a red and black scheme I can get behind (sorry Woodrup).

  • Deciding whether to go ahead with this... thinking carbon Athena 11s. Will end up being more costly than my usual bodged together jobs so wondering if I should splash out on a frame in better nick. Thoughts welcome...

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  • Here is my Australian made Clamont Professional, hand made by Geoff Scott in Columbus Spirit tubing, running Dura ace 7800.

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  • that's banging that is

  • Saw a very similar Roberts on facebook market place go for next to nothing, got there too late. So beaut

  • 😬 might have been me that got there first then

  • With the decision to sell my old winter bike and with lots of time to browse eBay I've found myself with not one but two new projects.

    I spotted this Chris Marshall thinking I know what tubing that is but after speaking with the seller he wasn't so sure and mentioned that he thought is something prior to Max... Any ideas?
    Weight is 1880g for the frame and I presume has been repainted due to the Columbus sticker, I thought the forks might be Columbus Genius...

    Does anyone know anything about Chris Marshall? My first road bike years ago was made by him but I don't know anything about him. I also think I should to touch up the exposed steel that has been wire brushed back - can anyone recommend a clear lacquer?

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  • Can't help with who Chris Marshall is/was, but your new frame looks very similar to this MBK I spotted on Gumtree the other day

  • Cheers, that got me googling (always helps).

    [Nope] Seatstays also appear teardrop/triangulated.

  • Doesn’t look like Max to me. But hard to tell from a photo..

    Nice frameset. Particularly like that style of fork crown

  • You are correct - it's not oversized.
    Now even more intrigued what it might be.

  • MBK Gumtree ad says SL. Looks like the same tubing.

  • Thanks all, think that's correct. Stays looked a bit different at first but think they likely are the same.
    Budget for the build is v low so won't feel guilty building up with a cheap groupset or riding it though winter.
    Black finishing kit & groupset?

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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