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  • Got a long stem for the Orange (goodbye ugly 31-22 handlebar shim) which has sorted the handling out. Just need an inline post and the position should be spot on.

    Obento rack + Wald installed to scavenge for food and bog roll. Need to drop the height a bit and will get rack bosses brazed at some point.

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  • Adding some colour to the Tarmac. Might be heading for anti, but will see how it turns out when it's done. Kind of in love with the saddle. Had only seen the yellow ones before. Forgot I had this top cap in my spares box for years.

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  • I'm looking for steel rigid forks with rack mounts for a 26" Inbred. Anyone any tips what to get? The suspension corrected Surly Troll forks seem to be sold out everywhere...

  • Velo orange piolet forks are lovely but not that cheap. I'm after one for my surly.

  • Super tidy, love it.

  • Dialling in the shimanoglo - seems to be ok in the workstand so far. Next step, losing my disc brake virginity.

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  • Did you leave the front brake set up like that? Because it is only half connecting with the rotor currently. Maybe flip the adapter or you may need a different one

  • Yep, that was I was hinting at. Haven't cabled the brakes yet, there's a good chance I've installed the adaptor upside down!

  • Seatpost turned up at last. 126g cut to length! The bike is now finished. Worst time to build a new bike. At least I still have my commute seeing as all Audax’s are cancelled.

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  • Looks very good - reckon you could feddle the rear guard to improve the fenderline though. It looks a bit squashed at the top.

  • Yep, did that after looking at the pictures.

  • Imo it's the rear that needs to come in a little. The rear stay is frustrating though, it bends inwards just before the guard, limiting clearance, meaning the whole thing has to sit a little further back to have the same gap between the tyre and any metal.

    I'm pondering trying to re-bend mine and cutting into the sides of the guard for a better fit.

  • That is delightful

  • Swapped out a set of c24s to go onto the turbo set up. Going to preen this one so it’s ready to slay when this is all over. Have some white bartape that’s going on and it will be absolutely show room spotless.

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  • I used some of my extra spare time for some brazing exercise. Hopefully it will ride as funny as it looks.

  • Ah, answered my question in other thread.

  • I so fancy those transformations!

  • This is absolutely awesome. I want something like this so bad. Out of interest, why did you decide to move the down tube instead of linking the rack to the down tube as a brace, for the extra long head tube?

  • new seatpost
    I'm looking for a front 28h pista hub

    Thanks @hma for the headset

  • Old caadx was in a very sorry state. Recently converted it to flat bar (love Tiagra), put some proper v brakes on it, and given it some new wheels (props to Hub Velo) - old ones were stock, still solid but rims totally worn. Should've taken a before pic, it's my new favourite bike...

    bars courtesy of @cheekysnaker

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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