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  • This, measure it up and yeah just swap the barrel adjuster and the clamp bolt around and you're good to go. Might wanna upgrade the brake pads too while you're at it.

  • Cheers, I'll give this a go. The other option is to mount it on the plate in between the middle set of stays, with a straight and much shorter cable run, which would presumably make for better braking, if it works. I might be missing some reason why that's not possible though - otherwise why would the original be mounted where it is?

    Potentially even using a centre pull like this, if I can find the right cable stop/ferrule. At the moment the outer cable fits through the hole in the bridge so I would need something to trap it.

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  • In theory none of this is worth doing on an unfeasibly heavy old gas pipe frame that I bought as a complete bike for £45. But my wife loves it and it seems impossible to find new mixte frames for 26" wheels.

  • Vraiment superbe ! J'avais jamais pris le temps d'apprécier certains détails !

  • Specifically mixte or step through frames in general?
    The Soma Buena Vista can be built up with smaller wheels than standard (584 for sure, maybe 559), comes in rim brake and disc flavours.
    Bob Jackson do a nice step through with rim or disc options as well.

  • Any step through. I've been pondering the Soma, looks great except the red paintjob on the rim brake one would not be tolerated. The smallest rim brake size says it's made for 26, the disc one I think 27.

    Bob jackson step through looks lovely but seems to be made for 700? My wife is only 5 feet 4 and gets on way better with smaller wheels.

    Think I will continue fixing up this one bit by bit while saving for the Soma + new paintjob.

  • BJ will build to suit to a degree for very little upcharge, worth talking to them about it. Of course if you go the disc route you could buy off the peg and just use smaller wheels.

  • My wife is the same height and tools around on a crappy old Raleigh that uses 630 wheels.

  • Love me an old giant mtb

  • Niche is right, not sure what my options are for bars that will work with it.

  • You selling? Should prob resist, have 2 purple bikes already :)

  • I don't know where you are based but if you are in London, pop by Brixton Cycles and I'll give you the right ferrule to make a center pull brake work.

  • Thanks for the offer but I'm not London based. Any idea what name the right kind of ferrule goes by?

  • Finished another ongoing project this week. New ride for one of my friends who is willing to start with cycling. Frame repainted and built up with R7000 105 and Vision wheels. Hope spring starts soon!

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  • That's quite a starter bike, nice job!

  • Has this been built yet?

  • Those are long drop I think, you want regular ones no?

  • Almost! Not happy with the bars so have got a different pair to fit next week, then it’ll be done. With the weather how it is I haven’t been incentivised to hurry.

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  • Looks great!

  • Cheers. I was surprised at how “normal” the 32c tyres look - we’ve all become desensitised over the past couple of years.

  • Cheers. I was surprised at how “normal” the 32c tyres look - we’ve all become desensitised over the past couple of years.

  • Agreed. If I had one do it all bike 32c would be my preference. Spring isn't too far off now 👌

  • Gate acquired:

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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