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  • That frame looks really good!

  • Thanks, indeed road frame from them isn't sth obvious.
    With 28c rubber and full carbon fork it is suprisingly comfortable (besides custom geo). Although cable guides were fucked up and had to do new ones also there were only holes without thread for bottle cages -> @russmeyer

  • Hehe..;)

    Looks glorious!
    I have my eBay kleinanzeigen suche saved.

  • Hopefully more hack than bodge. Used a mending plate to get SKS mudguards much closer to the tyre on the Arkose.

  • Does anyone know what the added height of a Chris King inset 7 will be above the crown race instead of an inset 1 headset? Can't really seem to find any measurements online.

  • Does your commute take in Elephant and Castle? I think I spotted a similar set up last week.

  • Nay, for me the L of LFGSS is for Leeds!

  • Wierd. You have a bike doppelgang-enger in London. It was not even on #widebarwednesday either.

  • Got my hands on one of these Raleigh Randonneurs from the late 1990s with Reynolds 708 frames. It's in pretty good shape, although somethings up with the headset - its stiff when I turn the handlebars to one side. Have disassembled, cleaned, and regreased, and there's no sign of not too sure what's going on.

    Am thinking of going neo-retro with some Tiagra 4700 brifters and RD, tektro 720 cantis but will keep the Sugino cranks.

    Thoughts, comments, suggestions, welcome

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  • Had a similar issue with a frame. Tried 2 different forks, 3 different headsets, and all the combinations of both components, never got rid of the tigh point on one side. head tube doesn't seem to be damaged or anything but I'm no expert.
    Riding it as it is, not causing any significant problem, can ride it also no-handed (but feels not 100% stable to be fair), but never understood the cause and drove me crazy

  • uh oh! that doesn't sound promising. I read somewhere it may have to do with a poorly faced head tube?

  • Forks looks bent, was the frame crashed?

  • I see what you mean, but i think its the picture. no harm re-checking though!

  • there is indeed probably an explanation. most sensible one would be something is preventing the headset to operate 100% correctly (ovalized headtude, bad facing, misalignment, etc.); I just had limited tools or means to control what is wrong.
    But if it rides okay and you won't go down a mountain with the bike full of luggage, I'd say live with it ha ha ha

  • My guess is that or (less likely) the crown race seat isn't machined perfectly flat.

    Nice bike btw I had the Royale version from that era. Similar but 531.

  • Fork definitely bent

  • Been tempted to buy this stem for absolutely ages. Finally caved while it was 20% off. No bike to put it on yet though .. 😅

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  • Well the bars would match this if you’re interested?

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  • Yeah, lovely bit of kit but pretty niche... I sense a OSisdead build thread coming on.

  • Anyone know what this brake is, and if there's a modern replacement? Fairly deep drop and very wide clearance. Cable entry from below would be nice too.

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  • Anyone know what this brake is, and if there's a modern replacement?

    Probably Weinmann 730. Bottom cable entry might present problems with modern brakes if you want something nicer than bog standard Chinese

  • Tektro 810C might work

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  • Took some inspiration from somewhere on here and went Ikea for a cheap mans Wald for the ongoing Cannondale retro fun thing.

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  • you mean the cable adjuster and clamp could be swapped round on the tektro? Or just apart from bottom cable entry, it could sub for the weinmann?

  • I converted Dia Compe 730 no problem, it's mostly a matter of switching bolts up and down. They're 53-71mm.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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