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  • Yeah I rate city jets tbf.

  • I love my City Jets. Loved my Big Apples more, but not twice the price more. On the other hand I never had actual high end tyres to compare them to.

  • chopped the bars down to a more manageable 750mm, but have a different pair with more or less same geo on the way because the crossbar is going to obscure my vision of phone/maps (these will go on another bike). BMX stem will also go as need 20mm more reach.

    fiddling with the cables still. not sure if I should nip a bit off the front to centre the ‘X’ or take a chunk and follow the line of the gear cable.

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  • How comfy are those Paul levers to grip? I’m assuming they are, simply because they’re well designed and expensive, but they don’t look like they’d be nice to grab!

  • Yeah they’re really nice... The edges are all rounded/bevelled, silky smooth to touch and no flex. This newer version with the bearing in it almost eliminates any kind of ‘wiggle’ too.

    eBay US will save you a chunk if you can talk the seller into not using eBays racketeering global shipping program.

  • A lot of shims on this bike... stem/steerer looks better (more importantly gives me correct position), 22.2-31.8 shim is ridiculous but will be rectified when new bars arrive.

    Need help with a couple of things:

    1. Seat tube is weird size. I’ve got a 29.8-27.2 shim from orange so I can use a decent post. The OD is 32.6mm, can’t use a specialised one because of the angled slot and I need to put a canti hanger on the bolt. The only other one I can find is the best part of £50 from carbon-ti in Italy. Can I stretch one a bit too small, or shim one a bit too big?

    2. What psi are you city jet users running?

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  • System ex make seatposts in every size

  • I’ve had this Serotta for the last five years and put many miles on it in that time. A pretty hefty crash resulted in the frame needing some serious work, which in turn meant new paint. It was originally a pearlescent white but I fancied a change. The photo doesn’t really show but there are two tones of purple fading across each tube. I need to chop the steerer and I want to replace the stem for a slightly slimmer one (it seems quite hard to find an ahead stem that looks good on slim steel tubes) and I also am on the hunt for some 25-35mm carbon wheels - if anyone has any for sale let me know. I can’t recommend Laka enough, they were great throughout the whole process and very accommodating. I’ve been off the bike for three months recovering but took it out for a three and a half hour blast today, the lanes were filthy and soaking wet, and now so am I, but infinitely better for it.

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  • System ex make seatposts

    No they don't. They do buy seatposts in every size from Kalloy, so there's that 🙂

  • Re stems: worth looking into steel stems. Old GT stems are quite easy to find at co-ops, and have a nice integrated steerer clamp like the Thomson X4. Nitto and Sim Works also make a few nice ones. 'Course then you gotta get the steel or Ti spacers with the appropriately sized outer diameter, but.

  • Course then you gotta get the steel or Ti spacers

    If you (or anyone) need them look on eBay for a seller called Ultraturn, he made me up a few for real cheap.

  • Or if you are using a 1inch steerer with a 1 1/8 steel stem, I find using standard 1 inch alu spacers gives the same OD.

  • @andyBmore and @MCamb it’s a 1” carbon steerer. Thanks for the tips. Currently it’s a Thomson X4, the X2 looks like a slightly slimmer example. Planet X sell old 3T and Deda ones very cheap that I’ve used before but they have about as much rigidity as a soggy envelope

  • oh rad. There's some cool old 1" steel stuff that pops up on eBay from time to time. I have an "Aggressor" stem from back in the day that has a lil US flag pantograph on it, for example. @MCamb is correct re: OD of different spacers and shimmed stems ime.

    may be tough to get the same rigidity as a Thomson X4 with old steel stems though I will admit.

  • How about this?­-77-angle-1inch-ahead-stem
    You can get them on eBay as well but shipping is still from Japan.

  • These are 1 1/8th, no?

  • I’m pointing the moneygun at a £50 frame, it’s not getting a kalloy seatpost.

  • Nice one... city jets are so baller

  • I paid the £5 tax for the gum wall. That’s moneygun on my wages.

  • I quite like this - I'm assuming it's a 1 1/8th shimmed, it belongs to someone on here but I can't remember who. I have 26mm clamp bars so that also impacts on choice of stem.

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  • Still feels a bit out of place despite the modern groupset. Nothing beats steel as far as skinny stems and they just look right.

    Sometimes I wonder why I sold this bike...

    And if you feel you're restricted in handlebar section you can always replace the handlebar clamp with an OS one like I did.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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