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  • Good point, cheers

  • My christmas present is nearly ready. It is an early to mid eighties mexico pista, same era as the nuovo mexico.

    I also got an oval master earlier this year which has been a nightmare. Everything was overtightened from the bottom bracket to the bottle cage bolts. Bottom bracket is still stuck.

  • Also one of my christmas! A 1996 spiral conic

  • I looped an o-ring through the cable hole and round the bar. You need to do this with the lever off the bar, so you loop the other end of the o-ring over the bar, but apart from that's it's piss easy.

  • Some daylight pictures of the GT Tequesta I was working on previously.

    Have since shortened the chain so it's done but as admitting that would mean thinking about what I'd like to do in life rather than endlessly tinker with bikes, still to do is:

    Front wheel needs truing...or replacing with a cheapie decathlon dynamo one + lights obviously
    Front rack possibly needs attaching, possibly with basket (I have one of those metro racks + the big wald, but I feel like it'll just make the whole thing huge, unwieldy, etc. Would rather get a little brake stud mounted rack and the small wald)
    Full length mudguards
    Plastic MTB pedals
    Nicer tyres (these feel dead, might be because of the weird anti puncture strip they came lined with? Are specialised crossroads known to be terrible tyres that need all the protection they can get?)

    The ride is a bit sketch if I'm honest. Short stem + massive bars is a bit...funny. Contemplating getting some cheapie humpbert/ergotech risers with some sweep (less than 45degrees) but would like to ride a bit more first.

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  • Have you tinkered at all with your VO Neutrino?

  • Got the steerer cut, cables reduced, rear hub serviced (no vis)

    Contemplating some MKS quick remove pedals.

    It's a lot of fun as it is. When I'm not riding it i think about putting a front rack on, a derailleur, mudguards. But when I'm riding it I never think these things.

    I do wonder if there's any lower pressure wide (2.0 to 2.3) BMX tyres though? Grifters on there now have a min pressure of 80 psi.

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  • Minimum of 80 psi? wauw
    Someday I'll put 406s on my Sillgey.

  • Could get big apples or big Bens in 2.15 I guess. Love to fill the mm tho.

  • Looks so cool!

  • Turned out nice, great job

  • Can I get away with narrow rim tape on my 650s?

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  • I've finished this bike last week, took it for a test ride today. Steel Diamant frame with with a love-it-or-hate-it paintjob. Built with a compact Veloce 10sp group, khamsin wheels, Deda Piega and Flite. Very silent and all works well. Not the stiffest and fastest bike, especially when putting some power on slight ascending roads. But damn steel forks and tubing are so forgiving/comfortable, perfect for chilly and slower winter rides.

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  • I'm a big fan of that!

  • Tell me who hates this paint job so that I can fight them

  • You’d have to be a miserable, soulless husk of a human to hate that paint job

  • Nice, love the outer cable colour too.

  • If it’s self-adhesive and isn’t going to shift, it should be fine.

  • The only way to cable brakes!

  • New year, new frame. Took advantage of inlaw's proximity to countryside, would've been better with my Riddlers but great ride otherwise.

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  • X-posting from Retro mountainbikes: finished my 1992 GT Karakoram today. Impressed by how good them U-Brakes actually work (when used far away from mud...).

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  • Rip those saddle rails

  • Wheelies for days?

  • Er, yes - not quite as bad as looks in pic, although not ideal. Waiting on new seat post (layback) that will help.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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