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  • I should say first 100 on this bike...

  • slack chain though...

  • slack chain

    track slack

  • that's commitment to the render

    EDIT: its a render right....

  • its a render right....

    No, it's a photograph of a physical specimen of the new Hope HB.T track bike. Having seen what a massive fucking PITA it is to render roller chain drives*, I suspect that it was easier for Hope to build it and photograph it than to render it 🙂


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  • Yeh I saw it in another thread earlier today.

    I've checked out some other photos and you're right, but my eyes still can't see it as anything but a render in that photo!

  • The wheel logos definitely look ‘shopped

  • my eyes still can't see it as anything but a render

    I think the horrible compression artefacts are what's throwing you.

  • wheel logos definitely look ‘shopped

    You'd have hoped they could have found a better designer if they were going to shop logos onto it 🙂

  • If it is raining non stop I'll use another bike.

    I'd love that luxary half way round a 600.

  • Do an audax season in the UK on that bike and let us know how you get on next year.

  • I've done Audaxs on all sorts over the years and there is a magical thing called a weather forecast.

  • Finished my 1993 Scott Pro Racing.

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  • Reply from Omnium:

    Thanks for your email. I understand your frustration, as our details aren't as precise as they could be.

    We have successfully mounted a 40c gravelking and a plastic mudguard in the fork. You're probably experiencing clearance issues due to the fact that metal guards are often wider than plastic because of the curl on the inside edge.

    Regarding the track crankset spacing issue, we have specified the q-factor in the description, implying that track cranksets wont clear the chainstays. Primato's run at 129 which is super narrow, and Sram Omnium track cranks at 145.

    We've already decided that the next batch of frames will have crimped chainstays for better chainring and spider clearance.
    Regardless, we'll be sure to update the text to something more straightforward. Thanks again, and good luck with your build.

    To be fair, there is a reference to q-factor on the webpage. I am not entirely sure it was there when I ordered, but if it was I may have discounted as referring to the q-factor of the cranks that came with the full build.

    I have responded to the above email. In short:

    1. I pointed out that I had to squish the Velo Orange mudguards to get them in the fork. These mudguards are about 47mm external width, so those 40c Gravel Kings must barely clear even plastic mudguards.
    2. The q-factor is not really the problem with fitting the Miche Primato Advanced (at least with a 165mm crank length). Any chainset with a 42mm chainline and more than a 47t chainring would hit the chainstay. Any 144BCD chainset with a 42mm chainline is likely to also have the spider hit the chainstay.

    Apart from this issue I am very happy with the frameset. With 35mm tyres it just glides over the bumps, and full mudguards are excellent things! The noise associated with the imperfect chainline seems to have reduced, so I may get away with it. In any case, it is not too expensive to fix the problem.

  • Fantastic outcome, love the matchy housing color. :)

  • Thanks. There's a very tempting frame for sale in Serbia...

  • Ripped all the gears off this and threw an old 1/8th chain on for winter. Dynamo is ordered and will install the S900 levers I got off @DoktorPepe. Shouldnt need to mess with this for a good few months when its all done

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  • This is lovely, obligatory what fork is that?

  • PX London road fork with the logos taped up

  • Nice winter machine! What size tires are you running?

  • 650b 42 clement strada somethings. Roll surprisingly fast

  • Thanks! Need to get some proper pics when its got the dynamo setup, levers changed and mudguards fettled

  • You should come and fail terribly with me and @mk1mark at audaxing

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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