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  • Probably just the disc moving back and forth slightly, pretty common with centrelock, doesn’t happen in use, nothing to worry about.

  • Just tried to video it, doesn't look like there's any movement from the side view. Looking down on it I can see a bit of flex laterally.
    I won't stress it, thanks for the reassurance!

  • Cobbled together a quick commuter for the winter, mostly from parts I had laying around.

    Had my doubts about the flimsy fenders but they actually seem to work. Will get a front rack soon :)

  • Those cranks are cool, what are they?

  • They're older FSA Carbon Pro cranks. Sanded off the logos and gave them a clear coat.

  • Bought a bike a little while back and it has a very fancy carbon hope seatpost which looks to be side loading. The saddle it came with, a Fabric one, doesn’t suit me and my precious saddle (Spesh Romin) has oval (7x9?) carbon rails. I think this means they’re non compatible, is there any way around this other than a new saddle or seatpost?

  • Yes oval rails are oval to have added strength in the vertical dimension whilst maintaining clamping diameter of a regular steel rail when viewed from top or bottom.
    Side loaders won’t work generally so my guess would be no, one or the other needs to go.

  • Cheers, thought that may be the case. Some brands seem to have changeable parts that allow oval rails but can’t seem to find much online about the Hope post

  • Quick q - Novatec track hub bearing/ axle removal. This is a remove the hardware and smash the axle out with a rubber mallet type right? Before I go any harder with the gentle persuader I thought I would check. Haven't used the Vince method e.g lying the wheel horizontally propped between two blocks of wood and hitting with hammer with a vertical 12 to 6 motion. Have been holding it standing straight up bracing with bodyweight on top and hitting it sideways. Feels like ample force is being delivered but no budging of bearings/ axle.

  • Why are you removing?

  • To replace the bearings.

  • Yup, hammer time!

    Top tip, when pressing in the new bearings, use the old bearings between the NEW ones and the nuts to get a good seating.

  • Lavly - and good shout!

  • Last time I did this, I poured a kettle of boiled water over the hub - made it loads easier to drift the bearings out.

  • They're lovely posts aren't they. I have one. And I've got a set of both types of clamps. I use oval carbon rails on mine so the spares I have are the same as the ones already on your post.

    But the point of my comment is to confirm that both types are definitely available. I either called (or emailed) Hope directly as I couldn't find them on line either and they couldn't have been more helpful. Or just ask your LBS to order them for you.

  • Ah perfect, thanks very much for letting me know.

    Had been toying with either swapping out the stem and seatpost with Thomson Elite (ludicrous as they’re currently carbon) or trying out another saddle with steel rails. This sounds like a much better option and the sort of thing Hope might want to advertise on their website

  • Soon.

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  • Solid dibs here.

  • Ha, it's a 54.

    DA7600 is the correct choice for this right?

  • Shame. Undibs.

  • ¥¥¥

  • Headtube looks long for a 54. This needs 75DDs and low risers

  • So it's my size :)
    If you ever think about letting it go, shoot me a pm!

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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