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  • Looks awesome that. Post modern paint job too.

  • Ah okay, that's slightly more reassuring. Google image results show that sometimes both are flush, sometimes not.

  • Nice one, cheers. Cant help with a swap though, im afraid :-/

  • not sure what to do with shiffters...

  • Would DT shifters work with that? Or are you limited to the chorus shifters...

  • Campagnolo 10 speed flatbar shifter?

  • Did a bit of a mock-up to persuade myself to do something about the non-functional fork.

  • @fredtc Now re-routed the FD cable, it does work better!

    Bernard Carré is now completed!

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  • Can someone sense check this for me please? Been a while since I've done geo stuff and don't want to find out my pedals scrape along the ground with this setup...
    I'm on 650b 42s atm and love the way it handles, will this fuck things up?

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  • Veloce flatbar is a bit too expensiv IMO but thanks
    Has someone tested yet ?

    @miloas indexed would be cool... EDCO Campag rear hub 9/10/11...

    Not sure about stem, seatpost, bars and grips... a Cinelli Priest/Pope is a dream but fare too hard to find at a decent price...

  • What did the reroute consist of? My FD cable runs awefully close to the tyre on my Coppi and is a bit of a stretch to the larger ring..

  • budget 29er pretty much done. have to adjust saddle height and my position a little bit, but overall I am happy how it looks and how it rides

  • Just completed flat bar build of this lovely old 531 Peugeot for my sister’s BF. Frame from @Salvage and 4600 groupset from @Pasty_Spumante, managed to use a Nervar crankset from another 80s Peugeot which looks a bit nicer than the Tiagra (IMO)

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  • Summer whip is finally finished, way behind the schedule.

    After two years of riding only with 15cm stem now, 13cm feels 'crazy snappy' while turning.

    There some questions remaining like:
    -What the hell is this frame? Plieger is a bike shop, and so far this bike is the only Plieger bike I've seen ever. Tubing is extremely thin, so far I've seen these thin tubes only on some post TdF bike that somehow ended up in the bike shop I've worked at.
    -This carbon fork feels kind of wobbly while turning. I think it might be one of these infamous Helix forks, are those fuckers safe?

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  • Looks amazing. Genuinely so happy to see that it's being looked after!

  • Thanks, it’s a really beautiful frame, always a pleasure working on a bike like this even though it’s way too big for me so I can’t even test ride it!

  • Not worthy of its own thread, but I have finally built my first bike, and first fixed at that. I'm sure I have committed a vast amount of bike sins, both mechanical and aesthetic, but I'm pretty happy none the less.

    The plan was something practical, but fun to ride when I didn't want to lug my tourer around town, maybe be able to lock it outside a shop too so in the long run will be ratted up.

    Along the way I learned how to set up and fit caliper brakes, switch a chain, fit and remove bars (we all have to start somewhere)

    The chain needs a link or two removed but I wanted to take it for a spin to make sure everything else is ok

    Still to come:

    2 bottle cages
    One of those clip on rear fenders
    Something to protect the frame from the bars

    Inside is how it came, outside is after it's built.

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  • I'm sure I have committed a vast amount of bike sins

    Don't worry, your photography sins are worse. ;)

    Bike's looking good! Would put a tad more tension on the chain if I were you.

  • It could be 7005 alloy, the welds look a bit Principia and they are Dutch, I think they made some frames for other firms. Love the seat stays.

  • Oh, yes; absolute beauty - nicely done mate

  • damn it. I'm always doing that...

  • That would be funny as I have a road Principia and I love it so I was looking for a track Principia. I found one for cheap and received the frame with a crack on the head tube, luckily fully refunded. After that I've gave up on track Principas as the they were too expensive so that would be wonderful if it's a frame made by Principia manufacturer.

    The bike was 6,8 kg with tubular wheels so I can assume that it could be some better sort of frame.

    This purchase was full of surprises too. The original fork was listed as carbon, because it doesn't attract magnets, but was full alloy. The tubs on the original wheels weren't glued correctly so it fell off as soon as it got flat.

  • Tubes look a lot like Columbus Airplane

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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