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  • Wheels Manufacturing are good. They do a 24mm BB (as opposed to 30mm->24mm reducer cups) so you could use your current cranks.

  • got it for cheap. overall condition was pretty bad. had to change cables, cassette and chain. cleaned brake pads and rotors. 1x10 conversion. road pedals coz no money for mtb pedals and shoes. and tt saddle. next: new tyres(maxxis ikon), maybe different saddle

  • Here's the coaster version.
    I can't tell the qualitative difference in drive and coasting between this and the freewheel one, but the aesthetics are much improved.

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  • Hm, looking at that I think I should switch out the rack spacers, and obviously can get away with shorter screws in there.

  • Picked up this red flite for 3 quids at a car boot. Someone tell me how gross it looks on a dark red bike so I can just take it off and never speak of this again, please!

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  • Needs a green Brooks.

  • New bike day... It's silly but I like it.

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  • Very special machine. In terms of how it looks as well as the historical part

  • Where did you source this frame set? I am currently building technically very similar bike

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  • I think yours is a bit smarter than mine... Frameset came from Korea I think.

  • Swapped the Deda Superzero bars on the VN to the new Zipp XPLR 70 bars. They the reduce the reach and make my position more comfortable. The outsweeped drops also feel very stable. Still have to cut the steerer though.

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  • Put this together last night. Saddle is just for posing, I’ll fit something else.
    The bars are a bit wide so I’m looking for some 40cm carbon bars, stem is parts bin.
    The rear wheel which matches the front, tune hubs, is dished to one side so doesn’t fit currently so temporarily threw on an old Hed.
    Frameset and groupset the only final bits really but man this bike feels fast.

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  • Does anyone know about Rotor spider compatibility? I've seen this direct mount 46/30 spidering listed as compatible with old Rotor 3D (so 24mm axle) previously, but can't find it anymore and I'm not sure who to trust (story of my life).­le-Direct-Mount-Spidering-2-speed-46-30-­Teeth-for-Rotor-Crank

  • great era of cannondale, that. I used to have some speedplay specific liquigas sagan edition sidis, wish I still had 'em to give to you

  • I saw this going up tottenham court road this morning.

    Looks banging

  • Must remember to ride faster everywhere in case I get spotted.

    @ morgan aye it was the golden era
    Could very easily have a collection of caads if I had the space

  • dished to one side

    have dish tool want me to help?

  • What a gent.
    Wondering whether to source new nicer rims than the ambrosio ones they currently have though.

  • This looks 👌👌

  • What spec ambrosio? From my understanding alu rims are much of a muchness these days. Only benefit from changing would be for wideness

  • Ad said P50 but can’t find mention of that on the web so I assume P20
    Which are tubeless, 20mm and 485g
    Doesn’t sound too bad. I was just surprised to weigh the wheelset and see them at over 1600g when the rims and hubs are like 1200.
    Would like crabonz though

  • Time for a new project

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  • almost finished

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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