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  • And what a way to re-enter the scene... Absolutely asserting yourself as a leader in HHSRB craziness!

  • @Carabo What kind of cranks are you planning to set ?

  • What kind of cranks

    I'm hoping he's managed to find some Deda Lokomotiv from somewhere

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  • The perfect ugly stick to beat that bike with.

  • Looks like you need a new spoke too?

  • Looks pretty good!

  • Little summer house bike!

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  • Thanks man! Few too many logos at the moment, I'll get rid of them but first want to enjoy that 'new bike feeling'...

  • amazing frame! Maybe I am misremembering but wasn't starship issues with a fixed lifespan and weight limit?

  • First generation carbon Campagnolo Record crankset (the ones made by Zipp)

    @spotter I have read about the weight limit (I'm in the right bracket there). The (more) limited lifespan thing is probably true but I haven't seen any numbers. It will be used when finished but not heavily.

  • Yeah those have a tendency to snap in the rear, if I remember correctly the rider limit is around 70kg. Having said that they are amazing frames, really light and lively, aimed at sprinters.

    @Carabo Nice find man! Here's how I had mine set up.

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  • Got the long brake bolt, sorted the bottom bracket, thought I could build it up, sram front mech doesn’t like the Campag clamp 🤦🏼♂️

    Saddle and cockpit just placeholders

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  • Think the dropouts might be slightly skewif too, tyre rubs one side of the chainstay. Might have to go down to 23c!

  • Might have to go down to 23c!

    My condolences.

    Nice frame!

  • Weekend project update.

    Pink Bernard Carré:

    • Fitted Shimano 600 Tricolour cranks ( thanks @bensud )onto the pink Bernard Carré and some spare pedals.
    • Test fitted 35mm tyres and they fit (they measure 33mm irl) - wheels are 11speed so I had to use 2 spacers to fit the 7speed cassette.
    • Recabled the brakes using Weimann clear cable
    • Recabled the RD
    • Waiting on a FD clamp to complete the bike!

    Cycles Millet - Camus Tubing:
    As for the blue/white beater frame.

    • Fitted Giant Cro-Mo forks and headset (eBay £25 posted)
    • Singlespeed chainring bolts (£5)
    • Retro Rivet Saddle (£5)
    • KMC 1/8th Track chain (£5)
    • Wheelset is one of many that I built last year, this particular one has a stripped lockring thread) - (about £50 in parts)

    Then raided the parts box, seatpost I fitted was a 25.8mm but pretty sure you could fit a 26.0mm.

    Actually nice to ride, not sure it is worth the £90 in sunk in so far...

    Did a bit of research and the bike came from :
    ETS MILLET BERNARD - 0326732118 27, rue Lombard - 51250 SERMAIZE-LES-BAINS
    Opened in March 1968, closed after 36 years of activity in December 2004.

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  • I want to put either dummy or real drop bar brake levers to my tarck bike to add some reach. How much can I trust those when it comes to skidding? Will I rip them off and die? They hold on a single screw so I'm a bit worried if it all makes any sense.

  • How much can I trust those when it comes to skidding?

    You could always wire them to some actual brakes, then you would never have to skid again.

  • This wasn't my question but THANK YOU for a tip.

  • Don’t worry, you’re not that strong

  • New project!

    2000 Colnago Classic "Superissimo" in 55cm.

    Seatpost was stuck and has been removed ungracefully by my brother.

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    • 20190902_081411.jpg
  • Think it's a Superissimo, not a Master. Master has crimped tubing. But nice project anyway.

  • I'm getting a bike fit today

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  • Thank you!

    I need to do some research on production / tube types / seatpost sizing (since it has been hacked)

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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