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  • After lots of mistakes and frustration, the lynskey is finally finished.
    Tried to get the rear derailleur cable as trim as possible, but it might need shortening. Shifts fine, bit bulbous looking though.

    Trp hy/rd work surprisingly well, especially surprised given how much negative press they get on other forums.

    Waiting on a bleed kit, some new grease and a syringe for the pedals, the rotor lock rings, and a garmin mount and it's good to go.

    Edit: just seen that the right shifter is about 5mm inboard of the brake lever, whereas the left shifter sits flush.
    Defect or poor setup?

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  • If they are like my Rival shifters, there's an adjuster screw inbetween the brake lever and gear shifter, which adjusts the reach of the brake lever.

    Nice bike!

  • Managed to get myself dragged into a HHSRB build again

  • And what a way to re-enter the scene... Absolutely asserting yourself as a leader in HHSRB craziness!

  • @Carabo What kind of cranks are you planning to set ?

  • What kind of cranks

    I'm hoping he's managed to find some Deda Lokomotiv from somewhere

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  • The perfect ugly stick to beat that bike with.

  • Looks like you need a new spoke too?

  • Looks pretty good!

  • Little summer house bike!

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  • Thanks man! Few too many logos at the moment, I'll get rid of them but first want to enjoy that 'new bike feeling'...

  • amazing frame! Maybe I am misremembering but wasn't starship issues with a fixed lifespan and weight limit?

  • First generation carbon Campagnolo Record crankset (the ones made by Zipp)

    @spotter I have read about the weight limit (I'm in the right bracket there). The (more) limited lifespan thing is probably true but I haven't seen any numbers. It will be used when finished but not heavily.

  • Yeah those have a tendency to snap in the rear, if I remember correctly the rider limit is around 70kg. Having said that they are amazing frames, really light and lively, aimed at sprinters.

    @Carabo Nice find man! Here's how I had mine set up.

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  • Got the long brake bolt, sorted the bottom bracket, thought I could build it up, sram front mech doesn’t like the Campag clamp 🤦🏼♂️

    Saddle and cockpit just placeholders

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  • Think the dropouts might be slightly skewif too, tyre rubs one side of the chainstay. Might have to go down to 23c!

  • Might have to go down to 23c!

    My condolences.

    Nice frame!

  • Weekend project update.

    Pink Bernard Carré:

    • Fitted Shimano 600 Tricolour cranks ( thanks @bensud )onto the pink Bernard Carré and some spare pedals.
    • Test fitted 35mm tyres and they fit (they measure 33mm irl) - wheels are 11speed so I had to use 2 spacers to fit the 7speed cassette.
    • Recabled the brakes using Weimann clear cable
    • Recabled the RD
    • Waiting on a FD clamp to complete the bike!

    Cycles Millet - Camus Tubing:
    As for the blue/white beater frame.

    • Fitted Giant Cro-Mo forks and headset (eBay £25 posted)
    • Singlespeed chainring bolts (£5)
    • Retro Rivet Saddle (£5)
    • KMC 1/8th Track chain (£5)
    • Wheelset is one of many that I built last year, this particular one has a stripped lockring thread) - (about £50 in parts)

    Then raided the parts box, seatpost I fitted was a 25.8mm but pretty sure you could fit a 26.0mm.

    Actually nice to ride, not sure it is worth the £90 in sunk in so far...

    Did a bit of research and the bike came from :
    ETS MILLET BERNARD - 0326732118 27, rue Lombard - 51250 SERMAIZE-LES-BAINS
    Opened in March 1968, closed after 36 years of activity in December 2004.

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  • I want to put either dummy or real drop bar brake levers to my tarck bike to add some reach. How much can I trust those when it comes to skidding? Will I rip them off and die? They hold on a single screw so I'm a bit worried if it all makes any sense.

  • How much can I trust those when it comes to skidding?

    You could always wire them to some actual brakes, then you would never have to skid again.

  • This wasn't my question but THANK YOU for a tip.

  • Don’t worry, you’re not that strong

  • New project!

    2000 Colnago Classic "Superissimo" in 55cm.

    Seatpost was stuck and has been removed ungracefully by my brother.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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