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  • Wow! Triple triangle Decathlon retro MTB wtih a wishbone? That's bloody cool. :D

  • Yip. You want it? For cost of postage it's yours. U-brake only. Must have been pretty decent bike back then.

  • Huge thanks for the offer, but too many bikes for too little time atm... The usual drill. :)

  • Built with parts bin. Was gonna go 1x10 but haven’t ridden fixed in over a year. 42x19 at the minute but will change the sprocket and add 35c rear tyre. Will throw on pedal straps . Don’t see any reason to remove the rear brake.

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  • Or alternatively If anyone in London has got a spare free wheel in exchange for a couple cans of beer let me know .

  • Got a few Dicta 18t in the parts box

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  • Put together this 1990 "Pyrenea Sport" in Vitus SM tubing yesterday.

    I like reading / researching those old french brands - this one was a brand belonging to ETS José Alvarez (based in Auch, near Toulouse, south east France) who used to be a key player in importing / selling big brands & mass selling complete bikes.

    His establishment was the first one to import Specialized MTB in France.

    He had deals with many brands and was buying frames from Peugeot at one time then adding Miche / Deda / ITM / Shimano components he used to negotiate separately in very large quantitities.

    The death of his shop / system was of course globalisation, which ultimately undercut his margins. Death by internet if you will.

    Interesting stuff for a not so interesting bike which will hit the classified shortly...

    Below is a link that I am sure @Philbythesea and @gaston will enjoy reading­/12/1898557-jose-alvarez-un-geant-du-vel­o-s-en-est-alle.html

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  • will need to see the official scoble brick rating on this

  • Got the all clear from lynskey to wack the crown race on, and have made more progress with the bike. Quite nerve-wracking cutting the steerer, have got about 1.5mm of steerer above the step for the 5mm spacer, is that enough or should I redo and go lower?
    Two more issues, do I install the chain before getting the dérailleurs cabled up? Or derailleurs first? All of the guides have either a chain on, or cables installed..
    Had a bit of a faff with cutting front brake cable, I left the inside cable in when cutting the outer to length... Think I have some spare jagwire inners to make up the difference.

    I couldn't get much of a kink in the outer between the fork and the Calliper (see pic), is there supposed to be more cable between the bottom of the fork and the Calliper? Haven't given it a proper fiddle yet as I've got no locking rotors, but there's a fair bit of play in the lever when before the brake engages.

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  • have got about 1.5mm of steerer above the step for the 5mm spacer, is that enough

    Don't cut more. If the cap is recessed so far into the spacer that it hits the steerer, use more spacers rather than cutting the steerer even shorter. Or use one of my top caps #spam

  • I've explained poorly then. The issue is there's a 4mm gap between the top of the steerer and the top of the spacer.
    Does that make sense?
    Edit: the 5mm spacer above the stem*

  • I've explained poorly then

    No, I've read poorly.

    Yes, 1.5mm of steerer poking out of the top of the stem is enough. I target 2.0mm just because that's what my caps are designed for, but you're already into the region of rapidly diminishing returns after you're past 1mm

  • I know Auch a bit so will give that a read. There used to be a velodrome in nearby isle-jourdaine.

  • I have some SRAM Rival 10-speed shifters, Exact Actuation ones so they’re cross-compatible with my SRAM 10-speed MTB bits. Do they have to be used with twin-pivot calipers or will they work with older single pivot ones?

  • Do they have to be used with twin-pivot calipers or will they work with older single pivot ones?

    They will be fine with single-pivot calipers.

  • Great news, thanks!

  • Another parts box special.

    French made frame in Camus tubes Carbon Manganese allégés.

    Noticed the forks, which were not original, didn't look straight and had some chrome flaking just at the back of the crown shoulders so those are heading to the bin. I will keep the headset as it is a french threaded alu Stronglight, which I am sure will come handy in the future!

    Turning it into a singlespeed for ease of project really - put single ring bolts on the Peugeot chainset and 14x1.25 french threaded pedals.

    Wheelset is one of the horrors I built las year.

    I ordered some used forks off eBay yesterday and will be putting all this back together.

    EDIT: Forks from eBay have arrived! Giant Cro-Mo, £25 incl. BSA headset

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  • Is this a case of rules are there to be broken or that they are there for a reason?

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  • And if it is the latter as I am guessing has anyone got a 250mm or 300mm 27.0 Campagnolo seatpost for sells?

  • You probably know the answer i.e. the mark is there for a reason.
    The question is more: Is this setup acceptable? :)

    If it were mine (I don't tell you to ride it like that):
    I guess they were taking some margins.
    If it was 2/3/more cm, I wouldn't ride it but this extra 'lenght' here looks reasonnable, especially if:

    • you're not too heavy,
    • the frame and its seatpost clamp are in good conditions.
  • Measure how deep the post goes.
    The most critical is to get it past the seat stay lug.

    Also, how long in total? Personally I wouldn't like less that a sixth of the post inserted.

  • you're not too heavy

    New seatpost it is then!

    Think I will be happier swapping it out. Difficulty is finding a Campy seatpost to replace it, so likely will get a Nitto for it.

  • I think if you've got an inch or so of post beneath the seat stay join you'll be OK

  • I will have a measure when I get home, see how far past the seat cluster it goes.

  • Anyone got an endcap for a Roval Fatty 29er Formula Hub laying about or knows what will fit it?

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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