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  • New frame, BB and rear caliper. Rest is from my Enigma.

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  • Fantastic!

  • Super sick!

  • This is great. A (much) nicer version of mine, which I loved but am now sadly selling.

  • Thanks for the kind words everybody and good luck with the sale @LeBlaireau. A few more photos in the light for @remrak:

    While I'm at it, the fixed road PDM Concorde in a temporary state having stolen parts from most of the other bikes:

    Bought cheap because of this dent:

    And the pile of framesets waiting to be worked on:

    The Cannondale is in a pretty good place — and has been around the forums once or twice from what I can tell — and the Dolan is gonna be sold so I think next is the Giant TCX which I have a pair of TRP Revox Carbon waiting for.

  • Very cool bike @loc

    Did you end up with different brake callipers because of the different distance between the mounts in the front and rear? Or just because you used what you already have? I kind a like this imperfection

  • Did you end up with different brake callipers because of the different distance between the mounts in the front and rear?

    It's not the mount separation, it's the radial distance of the mounts from the axle. Cantis and Vs have the boss inboard of the brake track, the U brake has them outboard.

  • Thanks! This generation of Karakoram has a u-brake rear rather than canti mounts, something that I only figured out after splashing out on two sets of paul cantis ... I ended up with the Odyssey Evo 2.5 because of the 2.5" clearance and they're actually pretty great at stopping you.

    EDIT: what @mdcc_tester said!

  • Forum lessons. Thanks to both of you

  • I have serious envy levels on that Karakoram, mate. It's the perfect neo-retro MTB. How are those Odyssey U-brakes though? Never heard of them before.

  • There's a bit of info about some of the common options in the broad spectrum (pun intended) of refinishing processes available for bikes -­

    Also, although not comprehensive... this person goes into a little more technical information but in the most part is referring to auto application rather than bikes, where there are many big differences - Jalopy Journal

  • Thanks! The u-brakes are surprisingly great. I hadn't heard of them either, I just looked around BMX forums for a modern u-brake with large clearances and these kept popping up. I ended up getting their levers too because the NOS Ritchey's I originally had in mind felt a little too vintage.

  • Finally found (correction: took) the time to finish the P20.

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  • rad. you might be into my new Ritchey Breakaway done up to look like a P21. Apologies for the bad / nds photo

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  • Thanks and yes, I'm into that one too! But actually I'd love the have a Swiss Cross to be added to my stable. And a P29...

  • Picked up this Corrado for £255 few days ago and will be with me tomorrow. Trying to guess what the tubeset is. The only people that makes chainstays like that are Columbus. Anyone got an idea?

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  • My old breakaway! Good job Fred. And obviously dibs if you ever get tired of it :)

  • found on facebook marketplace. replaced old tyres with racekings. next: find kona seat collar, saddle(flite?), nice cranks, pedals

  • Kona is hot. Nice find! How you want to build it?

  • I got this one yesterday. Seller asked 350 USD, I offered 250 and he agreed. So soon a new vintage mtb project will start.

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  • And today I picked up this early Decatlon for 50 €. Not interested in the frame but more than happy with the complete XT 730/732 groupset on it. :)

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  • at the moment will replace cables, brake pads, new grease and bearings if needed. in the future 1x10, nice saddle, new stem and bars

  • Best retro MTB groupset IMO.

  • Geo and colour look like my Saracen, in fact.

  • Yes, indeed. After more than 30 years it still works perfect.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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