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  • Follow up questions...
    Anyone know/have a tip to install a flat mount trp hy/rd properly? There's no space to fit a normal length Allen key in. I remember reading someone filed their Alan key down to get it to fit.
    Second question, is there too much space between the crank arm and BB? Sram gxp 68mm, no spacers as BB shell is 68mm as well. Haven't installeda sram crank before so not sure if there's supposed to be that gap.

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  • Crank is fine if it’s up to torque. The bearings aren’t under lateral preload.

    Can’t help you with a shorty Allen key

  • However it looks as though you could be missing the bearing shield/cover

    The thing on the left

  • You are right of course. Contacted a local powder-coating company and they have quoted me £48 for a frame, which is a lot less than £160 from Argos. And they have these spanking oranges to choose from.

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  • Which kind of paint would do Argos?

  • Looking at their website various levels of enamel. Powder coat versus enamel? Looking around the web powder coating looks the better option: tougher and much more environmentally friendly.

  • That explains the price diffence: enamel is always more expensive than powder coat.

    Powder coating could be a better option: maybe tougher and more environmentally friendly, mostly cheaper.

    Enamel usually gives a nicer end result.

  • I am sure Argos would do a wonderful job on it but I am not sure it would be £112 better. Plus that is their lowest price for plain enamel: metallic etc are all extra.

  • Indeed, powder coating can be the solution depending on the project.
    I was just highlighting the price difference :)

  • Does a ball-ended allen key fit?

  • end caps, generally yes otherwise slowly the metal part inside the cable outer will force it's way out the outer-cable.

  • I'm pretty sure I've got the bearing shield cover installed, but now you've got me nervous so I might disassemble tonight and have a look.

  • I might try with a 'stubby' allen key. There's one on amazon for £16 delivered. Rounded stubby allen keys are almost double the price.
    Edit: you were right, rounded allen key did the job no problem.

  • Oi, it's still going strong!

  • Apologies for clogging up the thread, final question for the time being.
    Crown race is a fair bit too small for the tapered section of the fork. I've taken it to two shops, both recommend against installing it with a crown race installation tall, as the tolerance is a little too big.
    I bought the recommended headset, but they suggest a split crown race instead.
    Anyone run into a problem like this before? The fork is full carbon.

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  • Yeah man just built it back up, rides nice as ever

  • This has happened a few times to me. I've just either gave it a serious bash or cut a slot into the crown race for ease of installing.

    Never found that an issue.

  • Cut through the race. Try not to cut through the rubber seal though.

  • Anyone know/have a tip to install a flat mount trp hy/rd properly?

    Use a hex bolt :

  • After letting it sit at 80% complete for 8 months I'm now back on the Karakoram and've almost gotten it sorted. Just grips, basket and dialling it in to go.

  • This is a very nice Neo-Retro build. Though saddle could be less Retro imho

    Do you have any photo of this bike in a proper light?

  • Thanks! The saddle is an NJS Koga Miyata / Ariake Jaguar II that I picked up off the forums years back and haven't yet found the right build for. I don't think this is the bike for it either but the Flite I'd otherwise use is on my Concorde. I'm also not 100% sold on the Ritchey Comp risers.

    I'll grab some more photos some time soon.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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