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  • Arh yes. I remember now. Sort of same colour. Really great frames both

  • Ha, it’s only been a 9 month wait for them...

  • me too @boredom curious as to how it will develop, as I bought the same frame as @Tijs but also a million other projects and it's still lying somewhere in a dusty corner.

    @Tijs see you at DiDa gravel this Sunday?

  • @Tijs see you at DiDa gravel this Sunday?

    To honour my Muddy Fox, I'm already doing the Pathfinder ride in Eindhoven this Saturday. Plan for Sunday was to go to the city MTB world cup. @Jaap might be there though I believe.

    You have the same frame? Cool! Please don't make a better bike than mine. I know you have good taste. ;)

  • current state of the main whip. taking bmc to the bike shop tomorrow and then giving it to my brother. he needs a bike. i would like a proper wheelset in the coming weeks.

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  • That looks uncomfortable. Skinny tyres. Sloped saddle. No bar tape aside from thin grips in drops. Lots of weight on your wrists. I hope you at least wear padded gloves.

  • No gloves unfortunately. It's not a bad ride for me. Work commuter and laps around town bike. I should get a car.

  • I should get a car

    That's an extreme step. You should at least lower and level your saddle first.

  • hello, here is my French track bike Bernard Carré being finished

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  • Very far from NOS – just properly cleaned

  • Impressive nonetheless!

  • Hm, almost finished with my Surly Big Dummy build, nothing that special, but here we have 52 in the back, 36 in the front with an 12 speed cassette and chain and a 2.3 tyre – should I go down to 2.15 width tyre? Or leave it and just change it when it explodes?

  • 52 in the back, 36 in the front

    If it does snag, it's going to be when you're going pretty slowly. I'd ride it and see what happens, which in all probability is nothing bad.

  • I thought about the same, in that case I would go slowly, and not that often. Thanks for confirmation, I'll let it be like that for now and see what happens #famouslastwords

  • lowered and leveled

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  • Looks loads better! Are those drops genuinely comfortable to ride?

  • I'm mostly on the drops and that's been fine on my wrists, palms, but not so comfortable on the forward angled tops. It would be better with a full bar wrap, obviously, as I'm not racing track at all. The handlebar is 25.4 37cm. I have a Thomson Legacy Elite same length I wanted to use for this but I misplaced the steerer wedge. I have some leftovers from previous bikes, a 26.0 130mm stem, anatomic handlebar, classic bend handlebar (with metal fuji bar ends that won't come off), iono. I'm always swapping with what I have.

    *I bought a much smaller bike recently in Colombia, but I left it with family. It'd be nice to have that bar, stem, pedals, seatpost and saddle on this bike.
    **wheelset too

  • Have you tried a set of compact drops? Might give you a better hand position on the tops.

  • I love compact drops

  • Anyone after a Concor Sprint saddle before it hits the classified?

    It is a Selle San Marco Concor Sprint model, apparently not many around. It is the one with the steep rear lip to to hold your butt when you're pushing the big watts!

    Apparently banned by the UCI and seen as giving the rider “an unfair mechanical advantage”...

    EDIT: I am after £80 (due to the poor EUR/GBP exchange rate)

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  • I've just been catching up with this thread.

    As it doesn't actually need a quill wedge, would a section of plain gauge stainless tube be strong enough to not overly endanger my teeth?

    Use a section of MTB handlebar with a shim to fit the ahead set.

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  • This looks stupid fun.

  • Just a proof of concept. Something I'd read about on a Twenty site.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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