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  • Ha!

    It's a water circulator and heating element which you can set to precise temperatures to cook certain types of food perfectly. It can go in a pan, but if you wanted to to a big peice of meat then you need a big pan and to keep the water topped up.

    Professional kitchens have big expensive giant water baths.

  • This place is such an education for me.

  • Finished, need some Dutch bars me thinks.

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  • Hot stuff! What are you planing to cook in it?

  • Are there any issues with the plastic being hot (I’m thinking leeching BPA)? Or is the meat cooked safely in a vacuum-pack anyway?

  • Are there any issues with the plastic being hot (I’m thinking leeching BPA)?

    It's an issue much discussed in sous-vide circles, but BPA free food-grade plastic is available.

  • The young dude’s graduating to 26”

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  • Everything but the frame is parts bin. So regressing from 24” disc to 26” vbrake. He’s more of a dirt road putterer while his sister is more interested in the gnar.

  • Almost all set. I thought I had a narrow wide in the right BCD but I was wrong, so at the moment he’s on a double with no front derailleur. I might try to source a 165 crank.

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  • Correct way to cable brakes!

  • Bin-biek for the missus. Thinking of converting it to 650b with 47mm Switchback Hill tyres. How do I measure to see if that is possible?

    Also which 10speed flatbar shifters are most bang for the buck? SLX?

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  • Out of curiosity, why don't you just get some nice 26x2.0" tyres? Would be a lot cheaper and probably doesn't feel much different.

  • Wheels are fried I’m afraid , and I have 27.5 rims at the ready for Disc in the bin together with a nice red Hope Evo 2 Pro front hub. Also looking for a matching rear in 32h.

    So if anyone want to part with theirs I’m keen!

  • Anyone have a spare rear mech that I could have for the following wheel? It’s not for me so just need something cheap and solid that works. Or ultimately let me know what i need to search on eBay, 6 speed mech?

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  • I'm after a 10spd bar end shifter. What are people go too?

  • Girlfriend "fun" road bike woes temporarily resolved.

    All it took was remove rack, remove guards, my tyres, my seatpost, my saddle, my stem cap...

    Small handed folk, hydro compact 7025 levers are very nice.

  • Can we have a before pic?

  • Yup.

    IMO it looks great/even better in touring mode but she wanted to see what a lighter/faster setup might feel like. Pic is with inline post and abandoned Carradice now replaced with stainless tubes fly rack and PMP setback. I suspect this'll go back to touring spec (possibly even flat bar) and she'll be buying herself a Carbon Synapse. She went to Sigma to try the fit of a Dale and a couple of the staff were all over the Condor so now she's in two minds!

  • Pretty stoked about this turning up today. Going neoretro a la @roboto

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  • Small handed folk, hydro compact 7025 levers are very nice.

    any more pics of this pls? where did you get them from?

  • Edit - dredge alert...

    And hurt less when they fall off and bash themselves in the tummy.

    As I've dredged it up - hows it coming along?


    Body is the same size but the lever is wider and contoured toward the bar, looks like it's becoming standard on 105 grade women's bikes (which it definitely wasn't when i ordered them!).

    Current front runner for her is an XS Datum frameset.

  • Brings back good memories.

    I'm part way through building up my replacement for my stolen CAAD12. Just not had the time to really get stuck into doing the cabling and chopping the steerer.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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