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  • Wheels given a proper clean including a bit of tyre conditioner.

    Front and rear bearings replaced.

    A black set and a green set of grips ordered from AliExpress to see what works best. Almost went for a nice set of lizard skin ones, but it just seemed a bit much for such a cheap bike.

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  • Now on the look out for a 25mm x 15mm bit of black vinyl to recover the saddle.

    Anyone got a suggestion of where to go? The few eBay sellers I've messaged only do by the meter.

    Pettycoat Lane maybe?

  • upgraded road whip

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  • Hot

  • That looks so good!
    If you run the shifter in friction mode, I suggest you move it to the underside of the bar, like this - it would look much neater and work very well imo.

  • Charity shop pleather jacket, handbag or similar?

  • Excellent suggestion! Cheers.

  • Looks spot on.

    What are the bars?

  • Might give that a go, looks a lot neater.

  • cheers, they are simworks getaround bars

  • simworks getaround bars

    Cheers. How do you find them?

  • yeah I really like them, nice chilled position, fun to ride with. Plus they look pretty good

  • I got a broken Wolverine frame with a cut bottom bracket (was necessary for warranty replacement). Welded it and put all the parts of my selfmade bike on it. Needs cabling still.

  • Looking for recomendation of tapered road fork carbon or alu/carbon, straight. Sth local i mean european distribution not ali products. Sth not very expensive. Planetx is ugly for ex. and i found nice montano race fork which looks good.­ano-race-alu-tapered-fork-777940

    Anything besides columbus?

  • bought this on here from @willsy
    new pedals, saddle, stem, chain and tires later and back in the fixielife after 5 1/2 years.

  • Well, it's tukt. No arguing there.

  • Style for miles

    How did you flatten the mudguard stays? Big hammer?

  • I used the mudguards on a 26" bike before so the stays were too short. For the front I made a new one from 6x1mm steel tubing that needs to be trimmed. It has a nice built in curve to pass the brake caliper. Then I noticed that I ran out of material so I made some "lugs" for the back and glued them on. Will get some more tubing and make a matching 6mm stay for the rear. Should be much stiffer than the original aluminium stays so it won't rattle and bend that easy. Besides that I quite like to build my own stuff, haha.

  • Hmmmm... might have to steal that idea!


    That's my tool for nice transitions. I just squeeze the tubing in the vice.

  • Worthy of the name!

  • Not sure if this counts as it's not cycling related...

    Sous vide cool box.


    • cheap sous vide water circulator
    • cheap 24l cool box
    • desk hole tidy

    Optional / add to taste:

    • soldering iron
    • Dremel
    • file and various grit paper
    • sealant


    Spent a lot of time measuring and cutting a template... Which wasn't that necessary as I found a desk hole tidy.

    Removed polystyrene from lid.

    Cut hole mainly with the soldering iron.


    Reinserted polystyrene and cut that.

    Pushed desk hole tidy through hole.

    Added a smear of strong adhesive sealant around the underside of the desk hole tidy. (I've lost my sealant gun so this was a mission).

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  • Cool box
    24 Litre Large Blue Food Drink Picnic Beach Camping Insulated Ice Pack Cool Box­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_tKSaDbKZH6WD2

    Sous vide
    Sous Vide Precision Cooker 1000W...­ef=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

    If you're tempted I would thoroughly recommend this particular cool box. It's cheap and cheaply made. This means things like the lid can be easily prised apart to get the polystyrene out and the walls are thin enough for the clip to reach around (not sure I'd recommend it for a proper cool box though).

    It's now too late to try anything as I need the sealant to cure and give it a clean of the plastic debris. But overall pretty pleased with the result. The neat hole means I could probably make a plug for the hole and still use it as a cool box if I wanted to. And the sous vide fits inside which helps with space and to mitigate the wrath I've received for buying more shit we don't need and won't use.

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  • I don’t even know what you’re doing.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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