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  • I am trying to update my current projects thread, but for some reason it is closed (­33/#comment14712265). Not sure if I did that myself, but can anyone help me get it unlocked?

  • Are they destickered Surlys?

  • It looks good, but I can't help but think of it as a frame material mullet with a steel fork and carbon frame..
    I mean no disrespect - it's just funny to see the opposite of a steel frame with carbon fork

    It’s all good. It’s a “living” bike, stuff gets replaced as stuff gets worn. And the steel fork is lighter then the Recon it replaced and the Judy that was on there before that.
    If ya wanna talk mullets the Kestrel SCI I used to race was a carbon frame with threaded aluminum fork, the 90s were weird.

  • Are they destickered Surlys?

    Yup, heat gun and tyre lever removal.

  • Got round to building this up at the weekend after my CAAD12 got stolen a week ago. Checked the weather and saw it was going to be good weather for a while so decided to get on with it.

    Ridley Helium Small
    Sram Red groupset with Praxis chainset (52/36 x 11-26)
    FFWD F4R clinchers with Schwalbe One Evo 25c tyres
    Zipp SL 110mm -17º stem
    ITM Millennium bars
    USE Sumo seatpost
    Fabric Scoop and Fabric bartape
    Nokon cables
    King Ti cages
    7.4kg as pictured

    I go to visit my in-laws in Japan every summer and travelling with a bike each time is stressful and can be expensive. So the plan for this is to take it out there this year and leave it there so I have something to hit the mountains with each year.

    I've been dialling in the setup this week and I'm pretty happy with it. First time using Nokon cables and they are really worth the extra money so far compared to other cables I've used like Jagwire.

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  • Well that's awesome.

    Great idea leaving a bike in Japan. Riding was great, but bike bags were a proper faff at times though. I would definitely do this if my partner's mum's apartment was bigger than a shoe box!

  • Thanks! Yeah, it's a huge pain. When you have to go to smaller airports outside of Tokyo it's hard to get a bike bag or box through security. A couple of times I've had to open the bag up and show them that it's just a bike in there. The large x-ray machines aren't large enough for decent bike luggage in most airports.

    Then last year, my flight got cancelled til the next day and half my stuff (including bike) was left at heathrow and sent over when they located it four days later. Got about three rides in during the two week trip and two of them were in heavy rain.

    Much better if I can land, have a few beers and a full nights sleep then simply grab the bike and go when I feel like it.

    Does seem a shame that the bike will only get used for a very small chunk of time each year though!

  • If your going once a year and have a place to store the bike then it's probably worth it. I'm really keen to go riding there again but we haven't figured out how we might do it without all the hassle yet.

    Anywho the bike looks really nice, perfect for some of the roads out there. I said I wouldn't do it again on my old CAAD so sold it last year. After spending too much time on the "buy an Arkose" thread I've decided I'll probably hate an all road bike so I've found another old CAAD and want to take it again!

  • This is why I bought my genesis as it’s an aggressive geometry like a caad yet has space for big tyres when I want them but it rides well as a fast road bike, it’s just a bit heavier.
    I definitely think there’s a gap in the market for big tyre road bikes rather than slack gravel bikes

  • Yeah I think so to. I would of been all over Mark's Fugio but I literally picked up the CAAD the day before he put it up for sale. Considering a second set of bombproof wheels with tubs if I ever want to go a bit off piste on it.

  • big tyre road bikes rather than slack gravel bikes

    CX bikes

  • Which Genesis do you have?

  • No you bought it because it was cheap

  • You don’t say

  • It’s the most expensive frameset I’ve ever bought

  • You won't regret it despite the fact it may only get ridden two weeks a year. Used over enough visits it'll ultimately pay for itself through saved baggage costs, even how it affects you getting to and from the airports, not to mention as you say the hassle of it all.

    I keep my Road Logic at my in-laws this way. Just turn up, pump the tyres and go.

  • Finally got around to hanging some bits off of my Principia. I need to dial the fit, but I'm beyond excited to get out on it

  • decent saddle-bar drop, 1 Scoble sink

  • That's gonna be lovely

  • Thanks! Wondering if I should have got gumwalls. These were pretty cheap though.
    Would a mustardy yellow one one of:
    Bar tape
    Gear cables
    Brake cables

    be grim or great? I have them all in black but am considering a little more colour.

    Also, can anyone advise on what size screw I might need to attach the hanger to the frame?

  • Gumwalls and yellow bidons, everything else black and you're onto a winner.

  • Looks awesome so far!

  • Ship has sailed on gumwalls, will ride these until they die now.
    These could be a shout though:­ne-water-bottle-800ml-1/

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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