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  • Dibs on this if you ever decide to sell!

  • (Almost) finished.

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  • 6700 crank looks lumpen next to those skinny steel tubes, especially in grey. I think a silver 6600 would look better if you want to stick with Ultegra

  • But that downtube is massive! You know, for 90s steel...

    The groupset I already had, apart from the Nitto bits I have not really spent any money on this. Aesthetics, as a result, may have been compromised.

  • I like it French Larry. Well done.

  • Finally got the RX4s and 9170 levers on, this is pretty much done and dusted now. Couldn't be happier to get shot of the R785 shifters, absolutely huge in comparison.

  • That is fabulous, love it

  • Got the fit sorted on my Cannondale, levers moved a little forward on the bars - now no need for a 140mm stem.

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  • Would like to use a quill to ahead adapter with a tall stack stem. The clamping area on the adapter is 4cm and the recommended clamping area for the tall stack stem is 5cm. Would it be a bad idea to go ahead with this idea, so to speak..

    This is kind of what I want to achieve;

    With this;

    And this;

  • Picked up this 1998 rockhopper last night, surprisingly good condition and all original.
    Limited rim wear shows it hasnt seen much use. Not used to mtbs but fit does feel a bit small and (short) seatpost is at max extension. It’s a 19” but im 6’3”ish and a 58 in road bikes. On the basis i could get away with a 56 road bike i should be able to make this work?

    Will be a slow burn this one but thoughts were commutering it with some cityjets new saddle and seatpost but not sure barwise. Would like some shallow mtb drops with bar end shifters but seems a shame to waste the stxes (that are working fine). Be interested to see if anyone has any ideas about bar options that might improve fit.

    Ideally would eventually turn into a bit of a tourer.

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  • I did this with mine

    Saddle to bar is a big drop but I like that and it’s great off road. Used it as a commuter for more than a year, solid as.

  • Oof that is really nice!

  • And this;

    Why would anybody in their right mind use that?

  • Thats something different, looks great

  • It’s not 80£ for a quill stem with 31.8 & removable faceplate.

    Maybe crazy..

  • If you know another solution to my problem, feel free to contribute with suggestions.

  • feel free to contribute with suggestions

    Pretty much any normal AHead stem that give the same position, probably something in the ~6°-8° range, which will have a clamp stack height of about 40mm

  • What's your saddle height? This setup is making me nervous about fitting on to my similar mtb conversion <:-(

  • Waiting for some fugging disc brake IS to post mount widgets to arrive so I can get cracking on converting from Vs to Ds. Also waiting for the 9spd shifter I got off ebay to arrive and hoping it isn't to fragged.

  • B.B. centre to saddle is 74cm, looks crazy but actually is reasonably comfortable, have done a 80km ride on it. Long wheelbase makes it super stable, commuting was a treat.

  • First road bike is coming along ok.. just need saddle and speedplays now.
    Ultegra 6600 SL apart from the shifters which are 6700

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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