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  • Can’t a guy meet other young guys on the internet without being branded a groomer any more? What has the world come to. Thanks Brexit.

  • Current build. Awful cranks are awful, slightly bent changing and chain make it interesting every now and then. If anyone has some square taper 165s I'm all ears.

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  • I had one of those, got it for something like £60 I build it up on the cheap and I do miss it from time to time, it was surprisingly nice to ride.

    Cant remember who I sold it too, but I hope they're enjoying it still.

  • What light is this btw?

  • A Hope Vision 1, two people separately stopped me to ask if I had converted a coke can into a light.

  • Lovely! Mines a replacement for a snapped Pre Cursa. Just whacked a large Wald on the front not dissimilar to your second setup. Really quite a nice bike to ride.

  • @M_A_X has the exact light for sale if you ask nicely! ;)

  • New cockpit and 1x on the roadie

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  • Nice!
    Friction or no?
    Give us a full report on chain jumping.

  • Nice one, what levers, paul? Ordinary chainring or is it 1x? (Doesn't look like it)

  • I’m using it indexed. So far so good, no issues.

    @stromo yeah Paul Canti levers. And i’m Currently using the 42t that was the bottom ring, should probably try and find something proper

  • I like those bars, but JW they are heavy!

  • new finishing kit for teh sweet fixeh

    silver zoom cromo post, silver 3ttt pro chrome stem, black 3ttt forma bars and a black headset to keep the black/silver theme. i think it’s going to stay like this for a while

  • crazy babyheads

    What are they?

  • New hack drive train for my daily: Gutted left 105 Shifter+ Ultegra 10s + XT 9s Rear Mech. Works a treat :)

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  • Beauty, balance of colours is just right

  • Kinderkopf, rocks the size of baby heads.

  • @jono84 - thanks! this was the idea i was trying to tell you about for the capo. your 7600 chainring works really well imo, and i don’t think you should be afraid of the handling with the alpina forks.. would certainly look ace with a pair!

    @matteroftaste - stripped slr 135 or 165 :)

  • Yeah the Capo is really starting to come together and the longer stem and wide bars i have planned makes me think the fork rake won't be an issue.

    However i just made a stoopid new frame purchase and suspect i'll be stripping it now!

  • koga back from touring in france
    love this bike very much. never seen another like it.

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  • ^^ Lovely frame

  • Wheels and various other bits changed on the Donobro. Not really ridden fixed much over the last couple of years but been commuting fixed this week and it’s rekindled my love for it. Going from my Kepler the donobro is a nice change.

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  • I just fitted some Ritchey neo-Classics on my Fausto Coppi to replace some hideous ITM bars with a stupidly large drop. First cycle with them was 125km and thought they were so comfy, and they look great.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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