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  • Rad. Long cockpit will be looong

  • hah, indeed. I had the same setup on this bike (totaled the frame, RIP rat-Colnago), and it actually felt pretty solid.

    I just rode on the corners old-school style, then had some nice long ramp and drop area for climbing without needing to put dummy hoods on, which was handy.

  • Black tyres are dead

  • Soma Wolverine comes in 62 and 66. Can't think of many others.

  • Here’s my size 62cm Wolverine with 40c tyres.

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    • D681DC91-B736-423F-BC30-97AB060861C2.jpeg
  • That's it. That's the one I think. Just out of interest what's the saddle height? I want to get a feel for the handlebar drop.

  • They look awesome! Excellent choice.

  • I suppose that's where I'm at. I like gumwalls in all forms, but only like colored treads when paired with tan sidewalls; gives the bike kind of a 90's cnc/ano mtb vibe, imho.

  • 83.5 cm, or thereabouts ;)

  • Fairlight Secan or Faran are another option.

    @Eamesy love that Wolverine

  • Ok so, I need a car. Living in Paris now, I deal with a lot of commuting. I also need a bike to do chores, a bike on wich I can go everywhere without a cycling outfit.

    I bought this for cheap, will swap almost everything except the frame. Like a proper car: mudguard full size, really good dynamo lights, a place to put stuff, and 2.4 tyres.

    Fancy me riding on a suit and leather shoes to work on this beauté

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    • 869E726A-9F51-4B81-8748-C5FC8BB6202C.jpeg
  • Looks sick!

    I'll say since you'll be in a suit to reinstate the rear gears, put a chainring guard and yeah maybe some mud guards?

    I leave my suit at work so bike to work rain or shine!

  • On point yes, it deserves a nicer crankset anyway. I need to find one but thanks to the tyre clearance I do need a mtb crank.

    Oh and I will rarely be wearing a suit while biking, just in case.

  • Reggie nearly finished


    couple bits to finish it.


  • Just built this Swallow frame as a summer commuter, Columbus Max with mainly Mavic components. I just need some new jockey wheels and it will be complete with a Mavic 851 Rear Mech.

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    • 83410031.JPG
  • want that bike but who's gonna bring it for me from US of A?

    I will...
    Gotta wait till April however...

  • more ! Mavic columbus Max... <3
    dibs if you sell it one day...

  • New mudguards for the Hetchins (1938), couldn't countenance putting the chromoplastics the winter bike stole from it back on :D

    Next upgrades: tires wider than 2cm, new handlebars already on their way, and new brakes with a front rack for the full rando effect.

  • ^ That is lovely. Not sure about the saddle though.

  • New wheels and stem and this one will soon be back on track. One month till opening of track sessions.
    Dt 511db on mack hubs with dt aerolites and ritchey wcs 110stem with ritchey biomax comp bars.

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    • IMG_20190315_120714.jpg
  • nice crankset, paint and rims ! Full black and silver nipples>>> nice !
    Columbus Zona ?

  • Thanks. Yes, perfect for amateur use, I'd say.

  • Been swapping a few parts around..

    Just managed to get 26c tyres in there as I found the 23s brutal after being on fatter tyres from riding other bikes. Hopefully it makes a noticeable difference.

    Also considering changing the bars for something else, as not sure I find it that comfortable as it is for long rides... recommendations welcome :)

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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