Current Projects chat and miscellany

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  • wow 7600 heaset !!!!

  • And how many bikes ?

  • Italian grandfather

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  • Unfortunately not, it’s just a miss matched King

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  • Strong page. STRONG page.

  • Argh, wrong thread

  • New projects day.

    First is a Specialized p1 which I’m gonna chuck a carbon exotic fork on and bash around as a SS rat bike.

    And second is about unknown to me what it is, but it was free so can’t say no. Has a stuck quill which should come out with so vice persuasion and a very stuck seat post that someone decided to cut off. The plan is (if I can remove seat post) to run as a RGR pub/shop bike with friction shifter and a old 105 group set I have laying around.

  • Pics from previous post

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  • Both look like perfect ratbiek potential

  • 2017 I bought an Arkose as my "do it all" bike, but in 2018 I decided I actually wanted risers and a rack on my commute so I can do wheelies and not have to wear a backpack. Oh and fit a wee ride to drop my son off at nursery. Probs not do all 3 things at the exact same time.

    I really wanted to fix up a 90s MTB or do a risers gonna rise build with something retro and put 1x on it but neither options have discs and the retro road frame wouldn't have tyre clearance.

    So with key input from professional buyer, @amey , builder of ugly bikes, @cake , and builder of beautiful bikes @spotter , I bought the world's most unloved bike, a Surly Troll.

    In the classic move of ensuring it's suitable for something I'll probably not end up doing, much like the Arkose was bought thinking it was perfect for the 2018 Gravel Dash which I had to drop out of, the Troll should be perfect for the 2019 Gravel Dash. Let's hope I can get a ticket in March.

    Here's a pic from the eBay seller

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  • Who was it that had that great troll they took round the world?

  • Who was it that had that great troll they took round the world?


    Surly World Troller - touring thread

  • B I N G O

    There is your target @NurseHolliday

  • Functional I’m sure but man that’s ugly

  • Currently putting together a beater for my son to commute to school on.

    Steerer will be cut down (and set up threadless) and going to install guards and front / rear rack if he’s up for having all those extra gubbins attached :-)

    Anyone have a mega cheap 1inch headset, v brakes and 9 speed cassette fs? Thanks!

  • Oh yeah right now it's fucking ugly.

    Got plenty of plans though.

  • test ride today - this thing is amazing. needs bartape and a few bits for the lefty and it’s done.

  • Yeah they should be both look good when done! I’m more drawn towards the Specialized project as I haven’t had a SS 26er for a few years now!

  • Looks fun as heck.

  • Looks a little better now 😌

  • Looks a little better now 😌

    Don't think he was talking about yours. ;)

    Bike is indeed looking good! Nice cranks. Have to say I'm surprised you went back to rim brakes though?

  • I wasn’t but the same is true. Does indeed look better now though

  • That's exactly what I'm aiming for but with hydro discs

  • Looks like ripper, How different is this to a 'real' slate clearance / Geo wise?

  • Stopgap measure after my BB7s died

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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