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  • Cheers brother.

  • Question about the Whisky No.9 CX Fork; the description says for bikes with a tapered head tube.

    Would it be compatible with a straight 44 head tube and Chris King InSet7?

  • Thanks, top man!

    Have also just noticed that this is the fork they use on some All City frames with external headset cups.

  • lower cup will be external in a 44mm straight HT

    Both cup sit external on tapered HT

  • Ok, so I have this Breezer frame laying around and recently I started thinking about building a 26" bikepacker/tourer as a winter project. It's size large (20" if I recall correctly) and usually, I ride small or medium (50-54 cm). I rode it for two years as a Foodora courier, although a bit stretched out, so I'm unsure if it's suitable for all day riding. Is it worth the hassle of trying to build it up with a short stem and some proper backsweep bars (Jones etc.) or should I just build it up as a pub bike?

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  • These Breezers have such great craftsmanship... Make it something nice!

  • It's a really nice frame indeed! I'm a bit ashamed that I've given it too little love and maintenance when it serviced as my work bike. I haven't cleaned it yet, but hopefully the frame is in good shape except for those obvious rust spots that will need some cover up. Know I also need to change headset and bottom bracket.

  • Excellent, you'll like it, especially the BB shell.

  • New bars and stem. Tweaked the position a bit as I realised I could get the front lower without it being any more uncomfortable. Did a slightly less terrible job at bar wrapping. Just in time to hang it up until the weather gets nice again.

  • Great looking bike! I'd tilt the levers up a bit though, it looks like they're pointing down now.

  • Decided it’s finally time to (well overdue in fact) to put a brake on my commuter. Not quite satisfied aesthetically yet but it will do whilst I settle down fit on this frame again

    Also stripped and cleaned the summer bikes as it’s clearly finished with!

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  • So much more chilled riding with a brake.

  • Faster as well.

  • Need to play with spacer stack & stem before chopping steerer to desired length. Levers could do with dropping down a touch too

  • Just taken it out for a couple of spins and I’m struggling getting used to break and no freewheel... plus the left dummy break still catching me out.!

  • I’m Getting too old and tired for all the stop/starting on fixed!

  • Yeah it’s weird at first but you get used to it! If the left lever bothers you, you could get a cable splitter gubbin so both levers work for the front brake.

  • Hang on - so an Inset 7 will allow you to fit tapered forks to a straight steerer? Say on a CdF?

  • I have a Problem Solvers 2:1 somewhere if you're interested.

  • It will with an inverse shim.

  • Are they a bit of a faff or function okay? I had looked into it...

  • It's fiddlier to fit than a regular cable for sure, but instructions are available. Good quality Allen keys and correct torque are a must, but then I would say that about fitting a stem. Once installed I never had any problem. So I guess yes on both counts?

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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