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  • : ) you can develop?

    What’s the next drillium? This low cup on this mini 105

  • Eurgh that's not good; they were by far the toughest tyres I've ever mounted.

  • That's only the first time, after a few rides they'll go on and off really easy.

  • You could read some about it here teaches through laughter.
    Otherwise our forum tech guru said this and that’s what I was referring to ;)

  • Thanks !

  • Surely this configuration is inferiour (all aspects considered), otherwise it would still be widespread today?

    It's messy. And heavy.
    But, it has a few other advantages compared with the standard crossover drive.

    A standard crossover at the stoker BB is constantly trying to twist off the stoker's BB; one side is pulled forward by the captain, the other side is pulled back by the reaction to the driving load. Stoker BBs take a lot of abuse because of this. An unconventional crossover at the captain's BB is mostly pulling the BB rearward with only a small torsional load and also brings one of the derailleurs closer to the captain who has control of it. That means they can better trim it (although unnecessary given the chainline) and shift it (more difficult on a tandem when you need to coordinate the drop in effort).

    Single-side drive is the best from an engineering point of view (at least in my opinion), but it's difficult to do unless you either run a hub gear/SS/fixed or are willing to relinquish the inner position of a triple. Sheldon can direct you to this article which goes through an interesting single-side drive design.

  • Holy mother of chainring bolts :O

  • new seatpost thanks @Kang

  • Step 1

    Step 2

  • You replaced an entire flange? Glued it in or pressed? Wonder how this is going to hold ;P

  • Not at all, it's just smaller now, look, you can still see the old holes
    I only have to chamfer the holes polish a bit and build the wheel.

  • Woop woop, hope you're happy with it!
    Also, you made a great job on my old hub!! Congrats!

  • Now that's a current project. HAT!

  • Thank's agane Kang I'm so happy yes !
    now Step3 done

    -Rule number 2: Never buy new stuff when you can fix things.

  • Awesome. You bought yourself a new drilling toy recently or what? ;)

  • Not yet but I'm working on it

  • Gaston fantastic job! This is impressive repair work.

  • In these pictures the difference in flange radii is much more clear. Didn't even notice it in the first pictures. Impressive stuff indeed.

  • Mack's second life

  • Beautiful! How many bikes do you have atm? :P

  • Thank's around 7

  • WOW! this is amazing work! so "simple" and so good

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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