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  • Ceramic who?

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  • Ceramic who?

    Hexagonal BN? Not as lubricious as WS2 surely?

  • A Ceramicspeed naming jibe, and also potentially a parodical seatstay sticker :-)
    Just PTFE (as dusted on their fancy one) so not even ceramic, ha (frauds!), and probably even less lubricious.
    Been playing with and testing wax mixes for a couple of months, and now think I'm happy with the current formula. There's PTFE in there too (among other things); standard Friction Facts recipe, but with a few tweaks.
    Next I need to make a 'Squirt Lube' style top-up liquid to help prolong life between reflows and reapplications. Might save time and just buy some Squirt lube, but no DIY = no fun.
    Chain is a KMC z510HX.
    Cost per treated chain (including chain, excluding time/labour) is probably about £7.50.

  • @AlexD

    I am now selling this French frameset if you are interested.

    From what I know - late 1970's, Columbus Aelle steel frame.

    • 53cm square (centre to centre) - no frame numbers & rear Gipiemme droupouts
    • French threaded bottom bracket (35x1) - comes with a usable Shimano one
    • Unbranded french threaded chrome forks - comes with a usable Stronglight alloy headset (which I removed for cleaning).
    • Takes a 26.2mm seatpost

    There is some surface rust to address so it would benefit from being acid dipped and repainted.

    A nice project for someone keen to have a small-ish frame.

    I am after £20 only

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  • Cheers for thinking of me, but I'm not in the market!

  • Ben riding this for a week.
    Just got some photos up.
    Had it built by Trevor at Autumn Frameworks a while back. Was a super gaudy glitter and candy finish. Now it's got a slightly less OTT flip fade and some mirror polished hardware.
    Full set over at Cole Coatings Workshop.

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  • Looks so much better with the new paint job. The last one was very impressive but a bit OTT I thought. Looks sick

  • New post and stem on njs town bike. Gonna put on some dura ace to open pro wheels when I can afford some tyres

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  • Just got this frame back from my brother, unsure what to do with it. Was thinking of full retro (got a shimano 600 group knocking about) but then stuck some 38mm carbon wheels on it and I like it. Nahsty, or nasty?

  • Those wheels are crap, I'll take them off your hands

  • Ha ha. You don't want them. The rear has rim damage hence their being used on this bike (summer cruising only).

  • Its for my fancy bike. I don't cycle, just post pictures of it on the internet for attention

  • It's all about that #content

  • I should go into marketing

  • You don't want to go plastering the internet with pictures of your damaged rim

  • Try :)

    Got two used ones nearly new for £50, but you need to search there, and then ask if they ship abroad.

  • good tip, thanks!

  • I've been riding from Karlsruhe through the black forest to Basel and then through France into the Morvan on my Awol. She has been great:

  • Love the handlebar-mounted birds. They must add a bit of weight though?

  • I think the drag mostly adds up, but maybe one can take off on fast descents?!

  • Can you not just put a longer bolt and a nut on there?

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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