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  • Have a rear shiny derailleur Campag 9s Racing T compatible with 10s transmission If you want.

  • It would be 6mm i beleive.

    But yeah, for track axle!

  • Yeah I was thinking 9mm axle, not the QR itself

  • Hmm maybe, at the moment I've hopefully what I need however so I'll let you know.

    I'm testing the limits slightly - rear will be a Centaur 12-30 cassette on Record hubs and wide silver rims. Front will be SunXCD cranks running 44-26 rings. Rear derailleur is the current Veloce medium cage, front derailleur a Centaur CT.

    We're slightly outside the specs - front chainring difference by 2, rear cog by 1, capacity by iirc 3.. small enough that we shouldnt have any actual issues.

    Gives gearing similar to my current touring running 11-34 x 46/30 (with larger tyres) so it ought to be enough.

    The current Veloce rear derailleur geometry should shift better than the older ones with a largish cassette. Although I've run a Record medium cage on the same cassette it does look as if it's about to tear itself apart.

  • Hmmm... apparently if my Ron Cooper was a car it would be a Vauxhall. Not sure how I feel about that.
    (Just about doubled the number of paint chips on the frame transporting it to the Alps and back. Time for some touch-ups.)

  • Looks darker than that touch up pen to my eyes/screen

  • Might be some Samsung Galaxy colour interpretation going on. IRL I can't make out any difference. Anyway, biggest give-away will be my bodgy brushwork. :)

  • At the request of several families, i was told to post this bad boy here. Or is it?

    This makes me warm inside.

    Fully specked to look(<priorities) and feel(<who really cares?) awe!some.

    Deal with this piece of brilliance.

    You're welcome.


  • shit...

  • where's that pic..?

  • pics

  • no pics.. i can't upload pics. dunno why:

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  • Oh, hello...

  • mmmoooaaarrrrr......

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  • Who's bossing now?.... xxx

  • Please stop

  • hahahha yes nuno! have you still got your 26" fgfs bike?

  • I have another 26", frame only. but everything's on hold.

  • ....and you are?

  • and that matters because...?

  • take a hike daisy.

  • Thanks but no thanks >>>>>>>>>

  • fuckin hell, i wasn't gone for long enough i can see. plenty of cnutiness still around.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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