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  • Been waitin for this. Rad

  • Found this little beast for my girlfriend on local listings for a very decent price. The condition and paint are amazing! Compact geo since 1992 @Klein

  • Fuck that's cool

  • So I've been off my road bike for a while. Various reasons have led to less long distance riding. But with the summer approaching I'm happy to become a fair weather cyclist for the time being. I want to get a new handle bar stem combo, I'm not happy with the aesthetics and feel of my current set up. Would like a parallel stem for starters. Does any one have any advise or recommendations. Here's what it looks like at the moment. Bit of a mess in my mine

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  • Who makes spacers with a slim enough outer diameter that they don't look awful on top of a stem?

    @barmeybear compact drops, trim the steerer, job done. You could probably put a -17ΒΊ on the top of your current stack, but it's not going to look better, per say.

  • as @MechaMorgan said, compacts, a -17 and steererchop should do the trick. kalloy uno with acetone? looks good, proper light and really cheap. for bars maybe a deda rhm01, so you don't end up spending a ton on what you might not like in the end

  • Who makes spacers with a slim enough outer diameter that they don't look awful on top of a stem?

    I do. 31.8mm OD, available as a pack 0f 1mm+2mm+4mm+8mm for Β£20 posted or individual sizes for Β£5 each + Β£2.50 p&p. They are made to match my stem caps but will function with other top caps, although the diameter might not match up nicely.

  • Cheers, @hma any idea what 20 degree stem would be like? Looking at Fizik range of components, they look nice and are pretty good value but they don't do 17 degrees, just 20, which I haven't come across before

  • sorry, no experience there. if you want to go with a known brand, deda make a team version of the zero100 stem (-17) and you could go matchy-matchy on the finishing kit.

  • Nitto make some, expensive and not sure how easy to get.
    I think sim-works have it also, but it should be the same.

  • Ritchey neoclassic and a 17 degree stem should give you the right look and same height

  • Strong page !

  • Spring time tinkering on a few of my bikes. Now the Odonata has got a full Record carbon group (derailleurs and cranks came off a Cinelli I sold) including some titanium brakes. New Grand Prix 4 season tyres as well.

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  • The Squadra got another wheelset (again from the Cinelli I sold) and some nice bars.

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  • The Histogram has a Zipp finishing kit and a 52 Zen.

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  • And I threw on some different risers and a Litespeed stem I had in my parts box. New DT decals too :).

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  • The park bike got a different saddle, Fizik Aliente and is in need of some cable & hose trimming.

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  • Strong stable you've got there, especially that Seven

  • That litespeed stem is rad

  • Thanks man! I think it looks like a bike you would build/ride (kinda).

  • It's dope but needed some major shim action to work with those bars.

  • I would ride all of them! Tonnes of attitude.

  • not a weenie project but picked this up after over a year of wanting a large alu track frame to replace the Dodici and thought I'd strip/clean and weigh it...already binned the awful headset it came with and will replace with a 1" silver CK threadless, then think about cranks as I have bad experiences with Miche cheese. Wheelset will probably be loaned from the De Rosa for now (WI hubs, TB14s). Bar a few paint chips this thing is in great condition.

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  • If you're thinking of putting outer on the whole way then the cable stop is a little redundant ... you might as well just run outer all the way like some CX guys do. No gaps or exposed cable and you could put an in-line adjuster if needs be. Essentially would do exactly the same without fannying around with special hardware.

    If you're retrofitting, cable ties are your friend, or use clamp guides. If you're not going to sell your frame, or don't care either way you could always drill out your existing stops to work like guides.

    I've also seen these:

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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