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  • Cadence sticker lol

  • Needs bandana tied around the top tube

  • Mash sticker makes it legit

  • The longer I look the more I see what a train wreck it is. soznotsoz

  • M520s make it

  • New cockpit for my lht..
    Outer is more mustard colour than in pic.
    Humpart city cruiser bars + ergos
    Dia-Compe dp-7 levers.

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  • And new shoes:

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  • Builds wife low-budget tourer, spends same amount on a pair of tyres for own build :/
    Looking forward to making my lht the comfy mile-muncher it was born to be. Will be using innertubes as tubeless is witchcraft to me.
    I might wrap the centre of the bars with the Brooks tape currently on the drops.

  • maybe I missed it, but on what bike is this going?

  • My 2008 Long Haul Trucker. Not got a pic of it complete to hand as will be in storage til next week.
    It's Deore lx/xt mix with salsa bits.
    Pretty ugly but functional as hell, just always felt a touch long with drops.

  • Builds wife low-budget tourer, spends same amount on a pair of tyres for own build :/

    LFGSS in a nutshell basically!

  • Sup peeps.

    Building it for a gurl... but tbh, having a bit of a personal jungle fever for the minilolz.
    Been to Taiwan recently and saw a whole bunch of "shopping-bikes" that really touched me down there.
    Expect nothing from this :) all very basic and cheap. Stuff i can replace for little if needed. It's 20" wheel and the frame cost 49.99 (made in italy).

  • Heavy af too.

  • Best choice of shimano-fit v brake pad for touring on alloy rims? The stock ones were ok but nearing the end of their life.
    Kool stop salmon or Swissstop rx green?

  • Don't go green, either Koolstop Salmon or the Swissstop original black.

    The Swissstop Green is a harder wearing compound, which will last longer but wear out the rims sooner than later.

  • Noted.
    Will hopefully have all parts to hand when I pick it up. First step is just to get it comfy and rideable again.
    After that I can worry about front rack, add usb charging and generally tidy up the dynamo wiring.

  • Where you find one for 49.99 ?@nuknow

  • Building my Bowman Foots-cray up as a commuter. Need some rim styling advice. Will be paired with the CLD RS4's & Spyres.
    Aesthetically, what do you reckon would look better, R460 db's or the slightly deeper R511 db's. Will be putting my PDW's onto it too. I have the rim braked R460's on my Planet X and love them.

  • Whichever the lightest TBH, since there's no need to worry about braking surface anymore.

  • Sounds like a great plan! Pics are required.

  • Have a link to a seller? All the ones I have seen are 2-300

  • Does anyone have a 1" MTB quill stem they're willing to part with? Ideally around 100mm and silver.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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