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  • Fuck everything related to fascism.

  • It may be a bit too nose up, but I think it looks worse in the pic than it really is. Felt quite comfy :)

  • Not so much that I'd care about someone else doing it. I'd rather get angsty about rather more contemporary and pressing world concerns, than dredging up 70 year old iconography to get all upset over.

  • Father Ted: You don't have anything from the Allied side?
    Father Fitzpatrick: No, no, that sort of thing wouldn't interest me at all I'm afraid.

  • Well, super happy this is still a hot point of conversation! The SS logo that was so damn offensive has been replaced with the phrase 'just no guts' which I hope is seen to be a touch more PC.
    I also painted A pair of circumcised dicks on my stem. I hope this is not seen to be anti Semitic or fascist.

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  • thats where enve got the inspiration for their stem!

  • You've drawn the Star of David all wrong...

  • Should have been;

  • I got a curcumsised dick and I'm not facist or Anti-Semitic.

    Reckon you'll be ok.

  • Great solution :-)

  • Frustrated as I ordered 2 pair of levers from different places that said in the description they would fit 23.8-24.2mm, but turned out to be just for 22.2mm bars.

    Shimano EBLR550PAS

    Now, who can point me to a lever that would fit a 24.2mm bar, but isn't a cross top lever, nor a Paul?

  • Kind of CP-related: Gonna get a Supersix Evo and swap the Askium wheels for Zondas or Shamals. I'll swap the cassette straight over.

    When installing, what are the options for torquing a cassette to the correct tightness? I have a small Norbar torque wrench (up to 20nm), but wanted to get a larger one too (up to 50nm maybe). What sort of adaptor / tool do I need to fit on the end of it?

  • Big socket to put the lockring tool in?

  • Please don't believe everything you read in the Guardian.

  • ?

    We aren't free to call each other names and it isn't awesome?

  • Hi all!

    I wonder if anyone knows the answer, but I give a try. I would like to use together a Shimano XT-M785 (10 speed) dyna-sys double crankset, a Shimano 105 5700 double front derailleur and a Shimano 105 5700 double shifter.
    I read the description of the front derailleur on Shimano home page and according to it, the only limitation is the maximal difference (16 teeth) between the two chain rings.
    I'm not sure that the 5700 front derailleur will handle the 26 teeth (or 28 teeth, but 26 should be better) inner chain ring (and with a 40 teeth large one). Could anyone approve it?
    The other problem: The cable pull of a 10 speed double XT front derailleur is different from the 105 5700 double (that's why I have to use 5700 front derailleur).
    I know that this difference is huge (about 30%) and I'd like to know if there is a difference between the chain ring distances in 105 5700 double cranksets and XT M785 double cranksets.
    So do you think that a 10-speed MTB double crankset will work with a road 10-speed front derailleur? Will I have any problem with the chain line?
    Or if you have any suggestions to use a 26-40 or 26-42 crankset with a Shimano 10 speed road front derailleur, please let me know.
    Thanks for helping me!

  • Well if there is one thing crashing the Benotto has done is make me finish this project. Have had this frame a while, was originally painted with ropey blue hammerite, I decided to strip it and lacquer it, but something went wrong. I think the metal was too cold when I did it (it was last winter) and the lacquer went milky and cracked, and then road salt did the rest. I retired in favour of the Benotto but went back to it, sanded the lacquer back off so currently its raw. Anyone got any tips for lacquering metal effectively? It's not going to get too mkuch use as I have a winter bike for the commute, and I'm going to put a clamp on brake on it. Was going to desticker the Pistard wheels but I like the contrast of bare frame and decals on the rims. The tyres were supposed to be all black, but arrived with a grey sidewall, which I think works.

  • Of course. Doh. So these should fit together fine?­Hyperglide/dp/B000WY8LNC/­-12-Point/dp/B0002GV3WG/

    I would think so.

  • Kojaks are good tyres right? I just put some new ones on without thinking of the weather

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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