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  • (so) what projects is everyone working on? anything fun?

    I've recently salvaged 3 old bikes for some conversions. each very shitty, but I figure i can give them some love, and get some kids who can't afford anything that grand a decent riding SS/fixie.

    The first is and old Ross touring bike. The geometry is really forgiving and the weight isn't bad. It's in for paint right now, but i forgot to snap a before picture.

    The second is a ladies scwhinn. it was heavy as fuck, but dropping teh old steel wheels and derailleurs really lightened it up quite a bit. it's been being ridden for a while now, though technically its still in progress. It's also going to paint this week.

    the final one is kind of an epic piece for me. it's a yellow piece of shit scwhin. it weighs 23 lbs with out wheels. seriously a piece of shit. i was made fun of at work for even touching it. i'm taking my time with it, and really trying to make this something nice. though it will always be a shoddy frame, at least it will ride nice and look hot. spending way more money and time on it than it's worth, but it's all about showing up the guys at work.

    i will post some before and afters of what i got this week sometime.

    (also any ideas to really get a shitty bike looking trick would be apreciated. i tend to make a lot of them look the same.)

  • this, 1955 holdsworth zephyr path/track:

    and soon, this, another holdsworth, which i just bought for £147 because i really really think it's a track/path frame in disguise:

  • I've got a Fort lo pro that's getting the slave treatment... picked up a carbon 650 front wheel for £60 last week. Can't wait to get it finished...

  • can't wait to see it, shame about the MKM.

  • i've got a major HHSB build on the way. got most of the bits, just waiting for the frame/forks to be built and my profile hubs sent over. ah, the wait is killing me :(

  • that colnago is ready to ride!

  • You'll see.
    It is going to beat dales though.

    Edit: currently looking for something to fill the waiting time up, so 2 projects. Plus the rebuild of the speedway bike to make it fixed. Plus helping out a few friends. Plus making a fixed for my gf.

  • You'll see.
    It is going to beat dales though.

    care to wager! :p

  • i want a colnago!

    dale- i got 40 hole hub coming this week. can you rebuild wheel for me? i buy you carrot juice.

  • I think that I just got outslaved by russell...

    Hmm, back to the drawing board...


  • i want a colnago!

    dale- i got 40 hole hub coming this week. can you rebuild wheel for me? i buy you carrot juice.
    no problem :)

  • And, the Colnago is ready to ride...

  • the colnago needs a bit of tidying up

  • i'll try and get a non-carbon Italian rear wheel

  • I got talking to a mate of mine about bikes this weekend. Turns out his dad had bought himself a racer about 20 years ago in switzerland, NEVER rode it, brought it back home and it's hung in his garage ever since.

    It's an MBK road bike, steel, full 105 groupset, not a mark on it.. looks like the type of thing you'd wake up on christmas day for. A shiny, bright red racing bike. Made me feel a bit funny.

    Needless to say, it's sat down my cellar now.. no puppies will be harmed, I plan on washing my gloves before I ride it so the original bar tape doesn't get marked..

    not really a project bike, but I had to tell someone..

  • Got two project on the go. An affinity Lo-pro (Hopefully it'll be finished this weekend) and a Sunday BMX, likely by the end of this month.

    I'm toying with a few ideas for the next build(s) but suspect I'm going to delay those for a while whilst I purchase a decent kneebrace and save some pennies for my right sleeve.

  • Shit looks like everyone has got a Lo-pro in the cooker !

    Me ?

    I am working on getting the Tommasini lo-pro I bought from Jon up and going.

    They will, of course, be slavery, perhaps even electronic beyong slavery.

  • ^ hhslp

  • I'm getting the raleigh tank back on the road, I've done all the frame repairs/alterations:­l

    Just needs a coat of black paint, I have a rear wheel built, black rigida SX100 on black formula hub, black ACI spokes (seeing a trend here) and gold spoke nipples, just needs truing and the front building. bars will be nitto 123s covered in black leather full length and the saddle will be a brooks.

  • Damnit, lo-pro overdosage..
    I've had my lo-pro frame sitting about for two years and just getting round to building it up.. along with THE REST OF YOU!
    On the bright side, I did pick it up when you could buy a sweet italian curvy frame for £40 on the bay, and a 650 wheel for a fiver.. and it'll probably be the only one in B'town.

  • Got two projects on the go at the moment - very old Mercian conversion, which will eventually become my main bike once I get hold of the 120mm wheels and a 27.0mm seatpost. Bit of an odd one really - no braze-ons or cable routing, but it's drilled for a rear brake. If the braze-ons have been removed (i.e. if there were any on there to begin with), it's been done very well, and resprayed by Mercian in the meantime. It'll never run as a geared again that's for sure. I'll post photos later - I'd appreciate it if anyone can tell me whether I should get it resprayed or just leave it as is.

    My other project is my geared bike - a late model Holdsworth professional. Going to have the downtube shifter bosses removed, get ergo guides added and have it sprayed up in gunmetal grey with ivory lugwork and *maybe *an ivory headtube if my budget can stretch to it. Got a shed full of Campag Veloce and Chorus stuff, along with a set of Khamsin wheels. Going to be odd riding a freewheel again - why can't they make a fixed geared bike?

  • I'm saying nothing about my build.
    It will be unique.

  • I'm saying nothing about my build.
    It will be unique.
    c'mon, put your money where your mouth is!!

  • my money is where my bike is!
    and we can have a fashion show when both bikes are ready, sound fair?
    get all the HHSBs built over summer involved.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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