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  • River cafe polenta, who's s Thermomix enough to translate for the machine?

    In a thick-bottomed pan, bring 1.2 litres of water and one teaspoon of salt to the boil. Reduce to a simmer, and slowly pour in the polenta flour in a steady steam, stirring until blended. Reduce the heat and cook, stirring from time to time with a wooden spoon for about 45 minutes. Stir in the olive oil.

  • Bakery reccommendations between Oxford Circus and Peckham to buy some friends some treats?

  • I want to go even more now

    "kind of looks like a derelict hair salon that a madman is using to store fermented vegetables and old cookbooks."

  • Anyone with food in basically all cities in Japan recommendations, get on it, 28 days in various places from Monday

  • The 80s called and just asked for it's pudding back.

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  • Kidneys and tallow, a bold choice.

  • I think I actually had that in Paris once. A whole pig's kidney, wrapped in caul.

  • Presuming it wasn't raw, that sounds pretty good flashed over some charcoal.

  • Tokyo:
    The one place I tell everyone to go to is Tonsui in Shimokitazawa for Katsu - ask for an English menu. They do one with cheese between the pork and the breading and it's next level. Husband and wife team been running it for nearly 40 years.

    Places that aren't necessarily going to top any listings but I really enjoyed are Pintokona Sushi - conveyor belt sushi in Roppongi Hills - and Harijuku Gyoza


    Tousuiro by the river do a tofu kaiseki menu that is the best use of tofu I've had in my life. Honestly life-changing for me.

    If you happen to end up in Takayama (Gifu):

    Matsuki Sushi

  • Just ate at sky kong kong, what a treat. Thanks for the solid recommendation

  • Nice! Glad you enjoyed it.

    She’s a great chef but her place is even more idiosyncratic than she is. Her instagram borders on surreal at times and I think reviewers get the food but just can’t get past the bizarre interior.

    That all adds up to her getting almost no hype despite having some of the best food in a city that punches above its weight anyway.

  • anyone seen any bargain induction friendly black friday deals for saucepan sets?

  • I need a new cast iron casserole cos I've been banned from cooking meat in the household ones. (Which were mine from before times, but heigh-ho, what's mine is his).

    Apart from them being a bit cheaper and cute looking, is there any practical advantage to shallow ones over the standard ones?

  • in my view, the shallow ones are more for saute dishes than stew. i like a nice deep stew pot.

    Are you looking for enamelled cast iron? the pro cook range of these are good and significantly less expensive than the famous french brand...­

  • Thank you. It'll only be used a few times a year so definitely don't need to pay LC prices.

    I've gone for a habitat LC knockoff which is a pretty close colour match to the vintage LC we have.

    (It's sobering to realise things I bought new are now vintage.)

  • (It's sobering to realise things I bought new are now vintage.)

    yeah, i get this feeling too!

    I really wanted a big Le Creuset pot at one time, but once I saw the price I didn't want it quite enough.

  • I really wanted a big Le Creuset pot at one time, but once I saw the price I didn't want it quite enough.

    I asked for Le Creuset stuff for my 18th birthday cos I knew I'd be leaving home that year.

    And for my 19th a black and decker drill, which I also still have.

    Born middle aged, working backwards :)

  • The butcher gave me a piece of pork belly with tits. I didn’t even ask. Quick wank and then it’s into the oven…

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  • I normally just use a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper but you do you hun

  • You of all people should understand the importance of a tender loin’s role in the cooking process

  • Local Brazilian butcher makes his own lamb and beef spicy sausage, thought we would give it a try.

    The picanha steak looked good too.

    Update: sausage was great, quite hot with chilli, real not chilli powder but the sweetness of roast peppers and mayo on sautéed potatoes knocked that back a little, will be buying these again.
    its Roots Butcher & Grocery, Wells Terrace just behind Finsbury park station.

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  • Vegetarian Brussels Pate is going to account for at least 2 extra kilos on me by January.

  • TK Maxx often have cheap LC cast iron pots....

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